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Oman Embassy Attestation Services in India

Attestation for Oman, Oman Attestation

Attestation for Oman | Oman Attestation

Get Oman Embassy Attestation Service in INDIA.

Oman Embassy attestation required for Document because It is an essential part of the legalization process which will certify the legality of your certificates & yourself for business or stay or work in Oman country.

Note: Oman have joined the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents in the year 2012 So Apostille and consular legalization both are valid for Oman.

How to get Oman Embassy Attestation in India?

Document Attestation for Oman is crucial and can be a long and more complicated procedure than obtaining an apostille stamp. It has to be authenticated by the Ministry of Home and External Affairs. The respective Oman embassy can finally authenticate the document.

Why is Oman Embassy Attestation required?

The Oman Embassy Attestation is required for work, student or residence visa, or business purposes. It shows that you are a genuine person/company visiting Oman or doing business in Oman with a real purpose. It proves that your certificate is true, which can be permitted in the country. Oman Embassy Attestation is a report which expresses a conclusion about the reliability of a specified document.

What is Oman Embassy Attestation?

  • Attestation stamp from Oman embassy or consulate is a type of legal procedure that will render with the proof of the verification of the document.
  • Oman Embassy attestation is the certification of documents that are essential to perform business in Oman or obtain a visa for the same.
  • It is needed as it will approve of you as a permissible individual. To get the document attested, one needs to get the concerned material verified at different levels of the government.

How long does the Attestation process take time for Oman?

Getting the Embassy verification certificate for Oman is a multi-step process. The Certificate must pass through some compulsory primary legalisation process from the various authorised department to reach the final Consular stamp. So it takes 15 to 20 working days for Certificate Attestation in Oman, and The time depends upon the type of documents and issued place, although There are several ways to finish the process on a fast track. Contact us by email : [email protected]

Required documents for the Oman attestation process.

The Oman Consular stamp can be printed exclusively on original certificates. The latter should be better positioned; all signs and seals must be readable and clear. Moreover, it must not contain unusual markings.

  • Original certificate required which you need Attestation
  • ID Proof such as Passport copy or any civil id card copy etc…
  • For Commercial documents, Company Covering letter favour to The Consular, Embassy of Oman.
  • Oman Embassy Attestation services

    Oman Embassy/consulate Attestation services

    What does the Attestation process cost for Oman?

    Document attestation process cost depends on the Oman Embassy Attestation fees, which fluctuate, so there is too variation in expense. So it is tough to quote because charges change from time to time. So contact us for the current cost.

    Document type & Procedure for Oman Attestation

    The Certificates are divided into three types.
    All the above mentioned three kinds of Documents could be Legalised from Oman Embassy in India. To reach the final Attestation, the document has to pass through some compulsory primary legalization process from the various authorized department. The certificate attestation for primary, secondary and tertiary to be used in Oman, depends upon the kind of documents.
    The Authorities are
    • REGIONAL LEVEL : Notary, SDM, University, Chamber of Commerces
    • STATE LEVEL : State Home Department, General Administrative Department (GAD), Human Resource Development(HRD)
    • CENTER LEVEL : Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), Foreign Embassy/Consulate

    Oman Embassy Attestation Process

    HERE IS THE COMPLETE DETAIL REGARDING HOW TO ATTEST OR LEGALIZE INDIAN DOCUMENTS TO BE USED IN THE OMAN.Oman Certificate Attestation in India is an elaborate and intricate process to get assurance from the Consulate of Oman that involves the following steps as per the type of Document. First, the document must be authenticated by the State Home Department/HRD/Chamber of Commerce and MEA. The Embassy of Oman does finally legalise the document.

    Educational Certificate Embassy Attestation with Home/HRD/SDM

    Educational Certificate Oman Embassy Attestation Procedure.

    Educational Certificate Attestation Procedure for Oman

    Educational Certificate Attestation is a requisite part of the legalization process for Oman. Because It is legal evidence of your qualification and Oman Embassy Attestation will certify the legitimacy of the Educational Certificate such as a Degree, Diploma, HSC, SSC, Marksheet, and School Report to obtain a student/employment visa. Embassy Attestation must be done from the document-issued country, So the Educational certificate issued by the Indian institution needs to be attested by the Oman Embassy in India.

    1). HRD / GAD Attestation (Higher Education Department)

    2). Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA India)

    3). Final Attestation from The Oman Embassy

    Additional Key Support: In addition to the Embassy Attestation of your certificates, we can provide you with high-quality Arabic Language translations.


    Personal Document Oman Embassy Attestation Procedure.

    Personal Certificate Attestation Procedure for Oman

    The Oman Embassy Attestation is required on Personal documents such as Birth, Marriage, Affidavit, death certificate, Medical, PCC for Oman because This process will support the legitimacy of your documents and your-self in Oman. With the Oman embassy attestation stamp, the personal documents become right, genuine, and recognised by Oman’s ministry.

    1). Notary & SDM/Home Department Attestation

    2). The MEA Attestation ( Ministry of External Affairs of India )

    3). Final Attestation from The Oman Embassy

    Note: SDM (SUB-DIVISIONAL MEGISTRATE) is an alternate key for Oman Embassy Attestation process which is also genuine and valid process for personal document use in Oman.

    Commercial Documents Embassy Attestation Services

    Commercial Document Oman Embassy Attestation Procedure.

    Commercial Documents Attestation Procedure for Oman

    To establish a business in Oman or goods exports to Oman? There is a rule for getting the Commercial Certificate Attestation from Oman Embassy. Commercial/Export documents such as Invoice, Incorporation, Registration, Board of Resolution, Power of Attorney, Memorandum, Articles of Association, certificate of origin, and packing list attestation are a fundamental part of the legalisation process of Oman. It would help export or overseas business if you got specific commercial documents attestation from the Oman Embassy.

    1). Chamber of Commerce Attestation

    2). Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs

    3). Attestation from The Oman Embassy

    Note: A chamber of commerce is a class of business arrangement and the first step in the verifying of your business documents before the Attestation of MEA.

    Additional Support: In addition to the Embassy Attestation of Commercial certificates, we can provide chamber Attestation if your company is not registered in the chamber of commerce.

    The following documents can be authenticated by The Oman Embassy:

    • Commercial Certificate (Registration, Trade register, Export Invoice, COO, GMP, FSC etc.)
    • Certificates of civil status (Birth, Marriage, Death certificate, PCC)
    • Education documents (Degree, Diploma, HSC, SSC Certificate and School Reports)
    • Judicial decisions (Divorce Decree, Adoption)
    • Notarised copies of certificates (Affidavit, Power of Attorney)
    • Notarised translations (Approved translation, Sworn translation)

    How to apply for the Oman Embassy Attestation stamp in India?

    Usually, the Candidate can achieve the regional level process personally as per the above chart instruction. Finally, the Consular attestation stamp is obtained by the Oman Embassy. But to get an attestation stamp from the Consular, a candidate can not directly go to The Oman Embassy. They may submit a document to an approved agency such as EAS or another agency. The EAS is the accountable consultancy giving proper authentication of certificates in the quickest time possible.


    Important Note:

    Free pick-up and drop service in India only. We are not able to pick up document from overseas or delivery at overseas, Courier services are charged which is according to the courier service’s rates.

    Searching  for Oman  Attestation Services

    Searching for Oman Attestation Services

    Email Us: [email protected]

    Dedicated Support 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

    Dedicated Support 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

    How to choose agency for Oman Embassy Legalization & Arabic Language Translation Services?

    • It is beneficial to get certificate attested from experts. EASSPL guarantees the highest reliability and quality. Our specialists are experienced in this work, know the process very well and well-equipped and thoroughly acquainted with their tasks and 24*7 available. We render all of our services in strict compliance with the applicable data protection laws.
    • Attestation process can be complicated. Don’t leave this process to unprofessionals or untrained employees who do not have enough knowledge of the Oman embassy Attestation process and the standard requirements because your paperwork could be rejected so Do not let this happen to you!
    • There are certain agency are providing attestation service for Oman so it is also necessary to know, the attestation agency is legitimate.

    Email Us: [email protected]

    Call Us: 9925872444 / 022 40140777

    EAS Providing Attestation Services for following Certificates

  • Master Degree Certificate Oman Embassy Legalization
  • Degree Certificate Legalization for Oman in India
  • Diploma Certificate Legalization for Oman in India
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate Legalization Oman
  • Training Certificate Oman Embassy Legalization in India
  • CBSE Certificate Legalization Services Oman in India
  • Transfer Certificate Oman Consulate Legalization in India
  • AMIE Certificate Legalization for Oman in India
  • National Trade Certificate Legalization for Oman
  • PHD Certificate Legalization Services Oman in India
  • MBBS Degree Certificate Attestation for Oman
  • Medical Certificate Legalization for Oman in India
  • MS/MD Degree Certificate Legalization Services Oman
  • Engineering Certificate Attestation for Oman Consulate
  • Passing Certificate Oman Consulate Attestation in India
  • Provisional Certificate Legalization Oman in India
  • Online Degree Certificate Legalization for Oman
  • Distance Education Certificate Legalization Oman
  • Management Degree Certificate Legalization Oman
  • Provisional Degree Certificate Oman Consulate Attestation
  • Invoice Attestation Services for Oman in India
  • Certificate of Origin Legalization for Oman
  • Packing List Legalization Services Oman in India
  • Agreement Attestation Services Oman in India
  • Memorandum of Association Attestation Services Oman
  • Articles of Association Legalization Services Oman
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation Oman in India
  • Birth Certificate Attestation for Oman in India
  • Transfer Certificate Legalization Service Oman India
  • Divorce Certificate Legalization for Oman India
  • Death Certificate Legalization for Oman in India
  • Single Status Certificate Attestation for Oman
  • Experience Certificate Oman Embassy Attestation India
  • Passport Legalization for Oman in India
  • Pan Card Legalization for Oman in India
  • Registration Certificate Legalization Oman India
  • NOC Affidavit Oman Embassy Legalization India
  • Medical Certificate Oman Attestation in India
  • Police Clearance Certificate Attestation Services Oman
  • Finger Print Oman Consulate Attestation in India
  • Birth Affidavit Legalization for Oman in India
  • Power of Attorney Attestation for Oman in India
  • Director List Oman Attestation Services in India
  • Board of Resolution Oman Embassy Attestation Services India
  • Free Sale Certificate Attestation for Oman India
  • GMP Certificate Attestation for Oman in India
  • Income Tax Return Legalization for Oman India
  • Licence Oman Attestation in India
  • Agreement Oman Embassy Attestation in India
  • Other commercial documents Legalization Oman
  • Certificate of Incorporation Attestation Oman
  • Registration Certificate Attestation for Oman
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