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An Overview to Get Attestation of a Degree Certificate to obtain a Bahrain Work Visa

If you are looking to obtain attestation for your degree certificate so that you can get a Bahrain work visa, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you plan to visit Bahrain for study or employment, you will need to obtain an embassy attestation. This is a mandatory requirement and has no alternative option.

You must submit your verified documents when applying for a visa to any country. The country to which you are applying for a visa would want to be sure you have fair intentions and are eligible to apply. They want to be sure that the candidate’s claims regarding educational and professional achievements hold water. And for that, they will require that you submit only attested documents. For attestation, you need to contact that country’s embassy located in your country. You can contact the closest consulate for this purpose if there is no Embassy in your country.

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The attestation of your degree certificate is a must for your Bahrain visa. Whether it is to ensure the processing of your employment visa application or to verify that you have been offered employment in Bahrain, you will need to submit the required documentation with embassy attestation. For work permits, you must obtain an attestation from the Embassy of Bahrain. You must also submit all educational certificates to be verified i.e., in case you apply for admission to any educational institution in Bahrain.

The step by step process for degree certificate attestation-

  • Human Resources Department (HRD) – Degree certificates require HRD attestation. Once educational documents have been authenticated by the state HRDs, they qualify for submission with regards to the visa application.
  • Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)- After the documents have been verified by HRD, MEA authenticates them. MEA authentication is required for Bahrain as it is a Hague Convention member.
  • Attestation by embassy- Bahrain’s embassy in your country needs to be visited next. You take your documents authenticated by the MEA and HRD along for verification by the embassy.
  • Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA): The final stage of the process involves forwarding the documents attested by the embassy to MOFA Bahrain. This is done for the final verification of your documents.

How an attestation for Bahrain & Bahrain embassy attestation service provider can help you in this regard-

  • Professional services are handled by experts.
  • Professional experts are able to recognize and follow the correct procedures.
  • They can do the same thing in different ways due to their experience in this field.
  • They can make it possible to get a certificate attestation done quickly, without any hassle. There is no need for you to experience the tedious process of document attestation firsthand.
  • Experts will assist you in the process of certificate attestation in the fastest and safest manner, that too without charging a lot of money.
  • After the procedure is complete, they will send you the attested documents.

What can you avail embassy certification services for?

  • You can hire such a service to obtain a resident permit in Bahrain.
  • To obtain a visa for employment in Bahrain.
  • To obtain a work permit.
  • To pursue higher studies at any of the Universities in Bahrain.
  • To open branches of your company.

They can also get you approvals and licenses for your business.

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