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Certificate Apostille in USA | Apostille from the United States

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If you don’t know where to get a certificate apostille in the USA, EAS India can help. With a team of knowledgeable and resourceful consultants at our organisation, we will get the USA-issued certificate Apostille done for you at the best price. To Apostille your birth certificate, degree certificate, pan card copy, driving licence and passport photocopy, you must mail the original or a certified copy issued by the County Clerk or State to our office in US.

Apostille Services in the USA

What is the definition of Apostille in the US?

The “Apostille” is a type of document authentication necessary in countries participating in the Hague Convention of 1961. The Office of the Secretary of State is responsible for providing an Apostille to foreign nationals and citizens who intend to use it overseas.

  • USA issued Birth certificate Apostille for OCI process in India
  • Degree Certificate Apostille for getting a job or higher education.
  • Passport photocopy Apostille for overseas business registration.
  • Marriage Certificate Apostille for family visa of a spouse.
  • Commercial Documents Apostille for business expansion or exports.
  • Police Clearance Certificate

What is the Need for the USA issued Apostille?

An apostille is a necessary form of legalisation that proves the genuineness of a document – personal or commercial. The apostille seal is evidence that the document in question and its details are authentic. 

USA issued documents Apostille sample

How much does the Apostille Process cost in the US?

Multiple factors come into play to determine the final cost of USA-issued certificate apostille. The urgency of the job will also factor into the price, including any additional services requested by the client. If you wish to learn about our packages, contact us.
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How Long Does It Take for Apostille in the USA?

As multiple steps are involved in the Apostille process, it isn’t possible to accurately predict the timeframe. Typically, it will take around five weeks, but our executives at EAS could get things done quicker within two weeks.

What to Do Before Submitting the Documents?
Before submitting the US issued documents for Apostille at the EAS office, you need to do the following –

  • Ensuring all signatures and seals are originals.
  • One xerox copy of the Passport

You need not worry regarding the certificates as our concerned team communicates with you on the exact documents required for attestation in your specific case. We guarantee the safety of your papers during the whole attestation procedure.

How do I get documents apostille in the US?


Step 1- Determine which state the document was issued in: Each state has its own process for obtaining an Apostille. Therefore, you need to know which state issued the document before you can begin the process.

Step 2- Check if the document is eligible for an Apostille: Not all documents are eligible for an Apostille, so it is essential to check if the document is eligible. Generally, documents that are issued by the US government agency, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and court documents, are eligible.

Step 3- Obtain a certified copy of the document: Before you can get an Apostille, you need to obtain a certified copy of the document. A certified copy is a copy of the original document that has been verified as a true copy by a government agency or notary public.

Step 4- Contact the Secretary of State's office: Once you have a certified copy of the document, you need to contact the Secretary of State's office in the state where the document was issued. The Secretary of State's office is responsible for issuing Apostilles.

Step 5- Submit the document and pay the fee: You will need to submit the document, along with the appropriate fee, to the Secretary of State's office. The fee varies by state, so you should check the Secretary of State's website for the current fee schedule.

Step 6- Wait for the Apostille to be issued: After you have submitted the document and paid the fee, you will need to wait for the Apostille to be issued. The processing time varies by state, so you should check the Secretary of State's website for the current processing time.

Step 7- Receive the Apostille: Once the Apostille has been issued, it will be attached to the certified copy of the document, and you can pick it up or have it mailed to you, depending on the state's procedure.

Overall, obtaining an Apostille can be a complicated process, so it’s essential to check the requirements and procedures for your specific state.

Easy way to get Apostille from the USA

Certificate Apostille Procedure in the USA

  • The EAS : The Excellent Apostille Services is a private agency collecting documents from all over the world and submitting them to the US Department of State or the Secretary of State. Contact at EAS is the first step of the USA Apostille process in India.
  • US Department of State or the Secretary of State is the only authority to give Apostille certificates to any documents issued from states, central departments, or private entities in the United States of America. Please do the following to get the US-issued Birth Certificate, Degree Certificate, Pancard, Driving Licence, and Passport photocopy Apostille attestation.

Yes, an apostilled copy of the USA issued birth certificate is typically required for the OCI (Overseas Citizenship of India) application process. The birth certificate is one of the key documents required for the OCI application, along with a copy of the applicant's passport, proof of Indian origin or relationship, and other supporting documents. It is important to check with the Indian embassy or consulate in your country to confirm the specific requirements for the OCI application process.
If you need to obtain an apostille for a US birth certificate while you are in India, you can send query to email id:

How Can MEA India Help?

  • Our consultants are here at your service if you don’t wish to deal with the cumbersome bureaucratic procedure involved in getting apostille authentication. With several years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that your job is done accurately in time.
  • We have a transparent and customer-friendly approach that helps us serve our clients 24*7. We update our clients with regular notifications about the status of the attestation.
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Important Note:

Free delivery service in India only. The courier service charge is applicable for delivery overseas, according to the courier service’s rates.

With an exceptional team of top-class professionals, you can stay assured that the job will be done in the stipulated amount of time, even in times of urgency. If you wish to learn more about our services, contact us today!

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How to start Embassy Attestation proces

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