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Are You Looking for a Way to Verify the Authenticity of Educational Documents? Try Hrd Attestation

Going to other nations for studies or employment purposes involves lots of work that is to be performed with utmost care and vigilance. One such task involves is verifying the educational documents to prove their authenticity to other nations. One effective way of getting your educational documents verified is through the HRD Attestation. Many countries, such as Attestation for UAE & UAE Embassy Attestation, have made it mandatory to get the documents verified through this means only. This is the steppingstone for the procedure of applying for the visa. But what exactly HRD attestation stands for?

HRD is the abbreviation for Human Resource Department, which comes under the central government of India. Attestations via HRD are a procedure performed at the state level authorized by the ministers in the highest level or rank in the state. They verify the documents by duly signing and stamping on them and thus ensuring that all the documents are legal and authentic. HRD attestation is mandatory for anyone who wishes to pursue education or other career-related opportunities. Without the attestation, your documents will not be considered legal, and thus there is no way one would be permitted to enter the boundaries of another country.

There is no doubt that getting HRD attestation is a lengthy and cumbersome process, especially when one has no idea where to start with it. This is a time-consuming process, but with the help of the right service provider, this task can be undertaken with ease. This is because these service providers are experienced and thus will help in speeding up the process. However, one must be fully aware of the whole process. This involves:

  • The first step is to get verification of one document from local authorities, including universities and administrative bodies. This is essential to avoid any confusion in the future. By going through this step, the chances of one’s documentation getting approved by the embassy improve significantly.
  • The second step is to get the verification and authentication of documents through the state government or HRD. Various certificates and documents such as mark-sheet, degree certificate, etc., are verified and attested.
  • The time is taken to get the process complete is long, and on average, it takes around 14-20 days to get it through, but in some cases, months could also take. It depends upon case to case.
  • To get the HRD attestation done, one is also required to bring the Xerox copies of all the required copies with original documents and at least two passport-size photographs.
  • The attestation is carried by the secretariat and is finally sent ministry of external affairs for further process.

By completing all the requirements, one’s documents are finally verified and is permitted to enter a foreign country without any constraints. To ensure that everything is done without any issue, one must rely on the services of the right service provider who is an expert and is there to help you in every part of the process. The decision to choose the right service provider is a hence crucial one as any error in this regard can seriously impact the whole process.

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