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Attestation of Birth Certificates- Trust The Experts!

A birth certificate is a vital personal document that needs authentication and legalization. The legalization or attestation of the document is required for proving the authenticity of the person as well as his or her birth certificate.

The home government conducts the process of authentication for granting permission to enter a foreign country for education, work, or investment. The government requires proof that you are a genuine citizen who is applying for a foreign visa.

But the process of legalization of birth certificates in India is long-winded and tough. It is good to take the help of professional agencies like EASSPL to complete the process in a reasonable time frame.


Attestation of birth certificates is the act of authenticating the certificates by authorized departments/ persons/ authorities, with their official signatures and seals. The attestation also proves that the specific birth certificate was issued by the relevant department and that the signature and seal on the certificate is authentic.

Attestation agents like EASSPL render the service of attestation of birth certificates. The services provided are notable and accounted and their staff is focused on fulfilling customer needs. EASSPL has several years of experience and offers efficient and fast service. These services are totally legal, and EASSPL completes the whole procedure for you. They even offer to pick up and drop facilities for the certificates.

The process

The process of attestation of birth certificates is not a direct one. There are vital steps to go through prior to final attestation. The process begins with attestation by the notary and ends with attestation by the Consulate. The detailed procedures are as follows:

  • Notary attestation

Certification through a notary is conducted prior to all other procedures that involve courses of action. It is gained from the local notary in the form of both signature and stamp. The notary is the basic necessity of any certification procedure related to the legislature. It serves as the first step for attesting educational and personal documents like a birth certificate in India.

  • Attestation by Home Department 

The Home Department of the state is responsible for attesting personal documents. Validation and certification of personal documents include birth certificate, death certificate, and marriage certificate. The Home Department has the exclusive power to conduct legalization or attestation of personal documents. This is the second rung in the attestation procedure.

  • Attestation by SDM

The SDM (Sub Division Magistrate) is an appendage to the Home department for attestation of personal documents and also for the HRD Ministry. But it is mandatory that educational documents need the stamp of the HRD ministry. SDM is an autonomous agency that functions individually, apart from the state government.

  • Stamp of MEA

The MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the ultimate level of attestation from the home government. An MEA stamp will be applied to the personal document. MEA is the central organization that deals with the country’s foreign affairs.

  • Attestation by Embassy

This certification is conducted by the embassy of the country for which the visa is being applied. It serves as the final stage of attestation for the majority of countries after MEA seal and sanction.

In sum, these are the main steps to attestation of birth certificates and other personal documents. Leave the headache of getting the attestation completed by expert agencies like EASSPL.

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