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Attestation of the UAE Certificates: Do You Want to Relocate to the UAE?

If you are an Indian citizen and wish to relocate to the UAE, you will need UAE attestation of certificates. These include a commercial document Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, university degree, tenancy contract, educational qualifications, etc.

The UAE is not a member of the Hague Conference and is not a party to the Hague Apostille Convention and Treaty. This implies that the UAE government does not recognize apostilled documents.

Original documents should be authenticated by the MoFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or MEA (Ministry of External Affairs in the country (India) where they were issued, followed by the UAE consulate or embassy in that country.

Legalization generally implies that a document is certified as legally authentic in some way. Attestation and Notarization are both forms of legalization.

Attestation is the process when a document is certified as authentic and not fake. You can get both original and copy attested. When a copy is attested, it means that the original has been verified as authentic, and a copy is a genuine copy.

Attesting from the UAE Embassy

All documents can be submitted to the UAE embassy through an agent for attestation following state authentication and MEA attestation. In case there is no prior authentication, the embassy of the UAE will reject the respective documents. Additionally, no person can visit the embassy for attestation. Instead, all should submit documents through an outsourced agency.

Need For Attestation

Different kinds of documents need attestation from the UAE embassy. For instance, degree certificate attestation for UAE is required for several objectives like taking admission in an educational institution (university or college), applying for a job, apply for a scholarship, or to appear for a government exam.

Cost Of Attestation

The cost of attestation varies from state to state in the UAE. The MEA does not charge for attestation. But state authorities can charge varying fees, and this depends on their regulations. Since no person can directly submit their documents for attestation, they require the help of an outside agency. The UAE embassy charges AED 150 for attestation, and one must pay additional fees as a service charge to the company arranging the attestation.

Time Taken For Attestation

Time taken to attest certificates vary from each other. Attestation is a procedure for document rectification where one document takes more or less time compared to another. In the case of degree documents, time is taken for attestation by the HRD department. While MEA attestation takes only one day, embassy attestation and HRD attestation take more time.

Need For Agency

No document can be attested by the UAE embassy directly. All applicants are required to submit their documents through an authorized agency, and no requests for attestation are entertained directly by the embassy.

Need For Translation

The UAE embassy needs copies of all presented documents translated into Arabic. The embassy will reject documents without translation. Hence it is advised that you translate all your documents into Arabic before submission.

Dubai Visa

All Dubai visas, except tourist visas, need attestation by the UAE embassy. Without this attestation, the Dubai visa will not be processed.

In sum, these are some facts about UAE attestation of certificates if you wish to relocate to the UAE.  

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