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Attestation Services in Mangalore

The convenient document attestation services in Mangalore will provide the person with many advantages, making it valid to travel to distant nations. These services come up as proof to help them receive the procedure you need to consider before flying overseas. The attestation process might vary according to the category and the kind of certificates. For this, EAS Mangalore Branch provides the Notary, Home Department, HRD, Chamber of Commerce, MEA and Embassy Attestation Services to make it easier for Mangalore people to proceed with such processes.

EAS Attestation Services in Mangalore – An attestation made easy and simple.

What is the Attestation services in Mangalore?

The attestation procedure in Mangalore involves many steps. Such as other states, the educational and commercial documents are witnessed and signed by authorized government officials of the Karnataka and Indian Government plus the Foreign Embassy. The entire process is managed in various locations to validate the authenticity of the certificates legally in Mangalore. 

Reasons to getting Attestation in Mangalore

A certificate is an officially verified document that proves the authenticity of specific facts. It can be used to validate all sorts of information, such as someone’s identity, their qualifications, or even the ownership of a particular piece of property. Certificates are important for many people and organizations to verify that they are who they say they are and prove that what they’re saying is true.

Anyone needs to get the certificate attested in Mangalore for the following reasons:

  • Export or Business Expansion Abroad
  • For getting foreign employment visa
  • For getting a study visa from a foreign university

Mangalore Certificate Attestation Services

Certificate Attestation at Reasonable Price in Mangalore

EAS, Mangalore office offer attestation at the best prices. The team of experts has built this organisation’s incredible legacy and reputation over the years owing to our competitive pricing. Several factors determine the expense, including the priority and type of document and the extra services, like pick up & drop facility, will also influence the final payment. Get in touch with us now to know the exact cost. Contact Us.

Quick Attestation Service in Mangalore

It takes around 15-25 days to complete the overall Attestation process in Mangalore. The duration can slightly increase or decrease according to the type of documentation and the time taken in the accessible department for signing the certificates. Suppose the person hires the EAS services to undertake the Attestation process in Mangalore. In that case, it becomes effortless to complete it, and our experts will provide all the documents guidance to ensure everything goes well. 

Documents Required for Attestation in Mangalore
The requirement for documents can vary from one to another based on the class of certificate. However, the essential documents required for attestation in Mangalore are as follows:

  • Original copy of the Educational certificate (Degree, Diploma, HSC, SSC) along with photocopies
  • One xerox copy of the Passport (first page, last page)
  • Final year mark sheet xerox copy
For the Commercial Certificate Attestation, included document –

  • The original or photocopy of the commercial Documents
  • Covering letter on the letterhead
For the Personal Certificate Attestation, included document –

  • The Original Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, PCC etc.
  • Passport two photocopies (first page, last page)

Our Mangalore office team takes complete responsibility for your needs and ensures that your documents remain safe during the entire procedure.

The Process of Certificate Attestation in Mangalore

There is a firm procedure to get the Attestation Services in Mangalore. All the jobs are conveniently performed at EAS, and we take care of all the formalities that need to be done by the clients. Here are the steps of the attestation procedure given below:

Attestation Process in Mangalore

  • Step 1 – The EAS : The Excellent Attestation Services is well known for this procedure and does it conveniently. This agency collects the documents from Mangalore and submits them to the MEA & Embassy. Contact at EAS is the first step of the Attestation process in Mangalore.
  • Step 2 – Attestation by Notary at the regional level : This is the second stage at their local Notary office. Here they confirm that all of their documents are valid once again before affixing their stamp to them.
  • Step 3 – Attestation at the Karnataka State Level/COC : The next step in the attestation procedure is where the Karnataka state government officials are involved. This is the confirmation for personal & educational certificate that one's certificate has been fully attested. The Chamber of Commerce performs pre-authentication at the state level for the commercial documents.
  • Step 4 – Attestation at the MEA level : The final confirmation by the central government is confirmation of 100% accuracy before giving them their final stamp of approval as official documentation.
  • Step 5 – Attestation by the Embassy : The last step in the attestation procedure is carried out at the respective embassy of the destination nations.

Why choose EAS for Efficient Attestation Service in Mangalore?

Following reasons: –

  • EAS offers efficient services with documents attested in time at reasonable prices in Mangalore.
  • Our team maintains transparency throughout the process, keeps you updated, and answers your queries 24*7.
  • With years of experience and expertise in the field, you can trust the credibility of our services.
Your Benefits.


Important Note:

Free delivery service in India only. The courier service charge is applicable for delivery overseas, according to the courier service’s rates.

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