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Document Attestation Apostille & Translation Services Bangalore

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Bangalore Attestation Apostille Services

A lot of paperwork and documentation is required for overseas travel & Business, and these documents need to be attested and legalised to prove their credibility. Have you regularly got needed the Apostille services or the Certificate Attestation in Bangalore? Bangalore is a city full of busy people and their busy schedules. Excellent Apostille Services is one of the reputed companies in Bangalore.

Get the Best Apostille Services in Bangalore

The countries that are members of the Hague Convention of October 1961 no longer require legalising foreign documents. Any document apostilled in one member country is acceptable by all other member countries. Apostille service is a form of attestation that encourages the legal formatting of legal documents in a defined manner. It makes the acceptance of legal documents in all nations as per the Hague convention. If there is an Apostille document, you might skip the step of embassy attestation for the same document. The specific document gets acceptance all around the world. When offering our attestation services in Bangalore, we provide Apostille services for all kinds of documents, from personal documents (degree, PCC, Medical, birth, marriage certificates) to commercial papers (Invoice, Certificate of Origin, GMP, Free Sale Certificate).

The attestation process in Bangalore is made easy by the EAS.

Our certificate attestation in Bangalore will cater to your authentication need from the government officials to produce an attestation stamp. It is often carried out from the MEA, embassy, including notary and state. After going through the various steps, the authorities will provide a stamp as proof. At the EAS Bangalore office, we have the experience necessary for carrying out the procedures to get the job done speedily and at your convenience.

We offer assistance with every stage of attestation in Bangalore.
The services include –

  • Embassy Attestation
  • HRD Attestation
  • SDM Attestation
  • MEA Attestation
  • GAD Attestation
  • Notary Attestation
  • Home Department Attestation
  • Chambers of Commerce Attestation

Professional Translation Services in Bangalore.

Foreign countries may also demand the translation of certificates before acceptance. At EAS, we offer professional translation services in Bangalore to convert legal documents while maintaining the accuracy of the content. Having highly trained and professional translators by our side will ensure that the job is done with the highest precision.

The following languages translation services are available at our Bangalore office.

Spanish Italian
German Russian
Japanese Chinese
Korean Dutch
Vietnamese Turkish
French Arabic
Polish Greek
Finnish Hebrew
Gujarati Marathi
Hindi Urdu

Why is Apostille or Attestation Essential?
Technological advancement is slowly paving the way for an upgraded lifestyle. To cater to such lifestyle up-gradation, people are in continuous need of relocation. The purpose of relocation may be related to work, education, and many more.

When you seek our services in Bangalore, you will get access to –


When you think of the certificate attestation or apostille in Bangalore, the EAS is ready to take the challenge on your behalf. They will take the responsibility of getting your documents ready for you before you relocate. They will take care of all the legal proceedings associated with your documentation and finally approve them with a stamp. They will ensure every bit of bureaucracy to send your attested documents to you on time and at an affordable rate.

Bangalore Attestation and Apostille Process
How to start Apostille & Embassy Attestation proces

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Apostille Attestation Service Available on Monday to Saturday. Time : 10:00 am to 7:00 pm

Reliable and Available Apostille Service for India issued certificate.