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Birth Affidavit Apostille in India

Birth Affidavit Apostille

Are you in search of a quick and hassle-free birth affidavit apostille service in India? EAS is here to handle the tedious authentication process for you with knowledgeable and resourceful consultants working with us. When anyone has no birth certificate, a Birth Affidavit is an option to prove the birth date. However, using the Birth Affidavit overseas can be worried because there is a process of getting an Apostille of the Birth Affidavit before you can use it overseas. 

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What is Birth Affidavit Apostille?

Apostille is a mandatory legalisation procedure ordering an apostille sticker on the birth affidavit. This documentation process is necessary to prove the authenticity of the birth proof in a foreign country.

What is the Need for Birth Affidavit Apostille?

The birth affidavit could be a written declaration created under oath before the civil law. It is an essential document that works as a birth certificate, and with the Apostille, It authenticates that a person was born in a specific country. So, Apostille services on the Birth Affidavit are necessary for multiple reasons, such as

  • Missing Birth Certificates
  • Non-Registration of Birth
  • Non-availability of Birth Certificates.

Birth Affidavit Apostille Sample

How Much Does the Birth Affidavit Apostille Cost?

There are multiple phases of authentication that go into the legalisation of a birth affidavit. The fee of the apostille process for birth affidavit will depend on the type of authentication needed, which is either from the MEA or all other levels. The urgency of the requirement will also factor into the final cost, including any additional services requested by the client. If you want to learn more about our deals and packages, please get in touch with us.

How Long Does It Take for Birth Affidavit Apostille?

Birth affidavit apostille has multiple steps involved, making it difficult for anybody to predict the exact timeframe the entire ordeal will necessitate. In typical instances, the offline procedure tends to take around two to three weeks. However, our consultants at the EAS could get the job done for you in a much lesser time. Contact Us.

When seeking apostille services for a birth affidavit, the documents you are going to need include –

  • Original Birth Affidavit
  • Copy of the passport (front and last page)

What is the Process of Apostille for a Birth Affidavit?

Apostille for birth affidavit is a complicated and time-consuming process that involves multiple steps of authentication. Typically, the authentication procedure will include the following –  

Birth Affidavit Apostille Procedure

  • Step 1 – The EAS : The Excellent Apostille Services is a permitted private agency collecting a Birth Affidavit from pan India and submitting it to the MEA. Contact at EAS is the first step of the Birth Affidavit Apostille process.
  • Step 2 – Notary Stamp : The first step would involve the local notary’s stamp and signature on the document.
  • Step 3 – Home Department or SDM : The State Home Department verifies the birth affidavit. Only the authorities hired for this work will be allowed to attest to the document in this step. The SDM will come into the picture in rare cases when the Home Department is unavailable to perform the authentication process.
  • Step 4 – MEA Apostille : In the last step, the Apostille sticker containing the name and additional details of the applicant is affixed on back of the birth affidavit by the Ministry of External Affairs.

What should we do for Apostille of Birth Affidavit? – 

Contact at EAS – 2 Reasons to get our Service –

  • If you are looking for high-quality services for birth affidavit apostille at a reasonable price, EAS is here to help. With years of experience in the industry, you can expect the job to be done swiftly at your convenience.
  • Additionally, our free pick up and drop service is available at Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jaipur, Nagpur, Patna, Ranchi, Kochi, Noida, Lucknow, Kanpur, and many more cities. If you wish to find out more, get in touch with us today!
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With years of experience in the industry, we will employ our best professionals to get the job done for you. The next time you need a birth affidavit apostille service in India, don’t forget to call us.

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