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Certificate Attestation in Visakhapatnam & Translation Services

Certificate Attestation in Visakhapatnam

Certificate Attestation in Visakhapatnam is one of the crucial procedures required for people who wish to travel abroad for study or business purposes. Several documents like Degree certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate, PCC are necessary for the procedure that needs proofreading, and this is known as attestation. In simple words, it is the authentication of documents. The experts here will provide the correct information regarding the process and, according to the procedure. For this, EAS Visakhapatnam Branch provides the Notary, Home Department, HRD, Chamber of Commerce, MEA, Embassy Attestation and Language Translation Services to make it easier for Visakhapatnam people to proceed with such processes.

EAS Attestation Services in Visakhapatnam – An attestation made easy and simple.

What is the Attestation services in Visakhapatnam?

The attestation procedure in Visakhapatnam involves many steps. Such as other cities, the educational and commercial documents are witnessed and signed by authorized government officials of the Andhra Pradesh and Indian Government, including the Foreign Embassy. The whole process is handled in various places to validate the authenticity of the certificates legally in Visakhapatnam.

Reasons to getting Attestation in Visakhapatnam

Certificate attestation services offer an additional level of security by ensuring that official authorities have verified any certificates one gets from them before being stamped with their seal. Certificate Attestation in Visakhapatnam will satisfy any request for verification without needing to go through the expensive process again!

Anyone needs to get the certificate attested in Visakhapatnam for the following reasons:

  • Export or Business Expansion Abroad
  • For getting foreign employment visa
  • For getting a study visa from a foreign university

Visakhapatnam Attestation Services

Certificate Attestation at Reasonable Price in Visakhapatnam

EAS, Visakhapatnam office offer attestation at the best rates. The team of experts has built this organisation’s incredible legacy and credit over the years owing to our competitive pricing. Several factors decide the expense, including the priority and type of document and the unique services, like pick up & drop facility, will also influence the last amount. Gain in touch with us now to know the actual cost.
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Quick Attestation Service in Visakhapatnam

It takes around 25-30 days to finish the overall Attestation process in Visakhapatnam. The duration can somewhat increase or decrease according to the nature of documentation and the time taken in the accessible department for signing the documents. Suppose the person hires the EAS services to undertake the Attestation process in Visakhapatnam. In that case, it becomes effortless to complete it, and our experts will provide all the certificates guidance to ensure everything goes well.

Documents Required for Attestation in Visakhapatnam
Following documents are required for attestation in Visakhapatnam; however, the type of certificate can vary depending on the type of certificate.

  • Original copy of the Educational certificate (Degree, Diploma, HSC, SSC) along with photocopies
  • One xerox copy of the Passport (first page, last page)
  • Final year mark sheet xerox copy
For the Commercial Certificate Attestation, included document –

  • The original or photocopy of the commercial Documents
  • Covering letter on the letterhead
For the Personal Certificate Attestation, included document –

  • The Original Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, PCC etc.
  • Passport two photocopies (first page, last page)

Our Visakhapatnam office team takes complete responsibility for your needs and ensures that your documents remain safe during the entire procedure.

What is the Process of Certificate Attestation in Visakhapatnam?

The documents can be categorized as personal, commercial, and educational, and the authentication of these certificates might be done by multiple authorities to prove their authenticity. The attestation process in Visakhapatnam is complex and tedious that takes a significant amount of time. If you are looking for attestation services in Visakhapatnam, The process is conducted in various stages. Here’s a look at the same:

Attestation Process in Visakhapatnam

  • Step 1 – The EAS : The Excellent Attestation Services is well known for this procedure and does it conveniently. This agency collects the documents from Visakhapatnam and submits them to the MEA & Embassy. Contact at EAS is the first step of the Attestation process in Visakhapatnam.
  • Step 2 – Notary Attestation : In the first stage, the attestation is done at the notary level. It is done at the local notary office, where the authorized notary puts a stamp and signs the documents. It is the basic need of any law related legalization process.
  • Step 3 – Attestation at the Andhra Pradesh State Level/COC : The Andhra Pradesh state government is the next office. Depending on the type of certificate, the next level attestation is performed by SHD/SDM, HRD, or the chamber of commerce.
  • Step 4 – MEA Attestation : MEA, i.e., the Ministry of External Affairs, performs the attestation, and it is the last level of the authentication. The MEA does stamps, and signs on the documents after the Andhra Pradesh state government officials complete the authentication.
  • Step 5 – Attestation by the Embassy : The embassy attestation is performed by the officials of the country where you intend to go.

Language Translation Services in Visakhapatnam.

Foreign countries may also demand the translation of certificates before acceptance. At EAS, we offer professional translation services in Visakhapatnam to convert legal documents while maintaining the accuracy of the content. Having highly trained and professional translators by our side will ensure that the job is done with the highest precision.

The following languages translation services are available at our Visakhapatnam office.

Spanish Italian
German Russian
Japanese Chinese
Korean Dutch
Vietnamese Turkish
French Arabic
Polish Greek
Finnish Hebrew
Gujarati Marathi
Hindi Urdu

Why choose EAS for Efficient Attestation Service in Visakhapatnam?

Following reasons: –

  • At EAS, our team offers efficient services by getting your documents attested at an affordable price within a few days.
  • We practice transparency by sharing all the updates with the help of our support team that is available 24*7 for you. You are notified at regular intervals about the progress of the attestation procedure.
  • EAS is a trustworthy agency in Visakhapatnam owing to its experience in the field along with incredible services. Our clients can trust us with the entire authentication process.
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Important Note:

Free delivery service in India only. The courier service charge is applicable for delivery overseas, according to the courier service’s rates.

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