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Considering a move to a new country? Required attestation services

Attestation Services

Many people move to another country in search of good education, better employment opportunities, or settle permanently. However, the sad thing is that not many people know about attestation services. All they know is that they need a passport and visa. You need to attest all your documents if you want to move to another country. In this article, we will talk about attestation services in India. 

Attestation is done to prove the genuineness of your documents. There may be people who would submit fake documents in another country. How will that country know about the authenticity of the document? Attestation is done for this purpose. Attestation is like a government body is certifying that your documents are authenticated. 

Whether you are moving for your higher studies or commercial reasons, you need to attest to the required documents. There are various types of attestation available in India. Moreover, there are many different types of documents that can be attested. You can attest to education documents, personal documents, bills, affidavit, birth certificate, death certificate, etc. 

There are thousands, even lakhs of people visiting a country. How would the country know if the people who are travelling are genuine or not? How will the country verify the authenticity of the documents of the individuals? How will the educational, personal, and commercial documents of a person be verified to avoid any travel restriction on the person? To travel to a foreign country, you need a visa. You would be provided a visa only when all your documents are verified and attested. All your documents, be it degrees, affidavit, bill, etc., will be duly verified, and a stamp would be provided. 

Different types of attestations available

  • HRD Attestation: HRD stands for Human Resource Department. Here you can attest your educational documents like a degree certificate to prove their originality. It is required if you want to pursue your higher studies from a different country.
  • Notary attestation: Here, you can attest to your personal document like birth certificates, death certificates, etc. They can attest to various types of documents for a number of reasons.
  • Embassy attestation: If you want to visit a particular country, you will have to attest all your documents through that country's embassy. For instance, if you are travelling to UAE, you need to attest your documents through the Embassy of UAE in New Delhi.
  • MEA attestation: MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs. It is done after all the state attestation.
  • Apostille: Apostille refers to a certificate that is issued by the Secretary of State. This certificate would be attached to your documents proving that they are authenticated.


Final words
So we have understood everything about document attestation. You must get all your documents attested if you are visiting a foreign country. If you don’t take attestation seriously, maybe that you will have a hard time settling in another country. It is high time that we start taking attestation seriously.

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