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Degree Attestation – Pursue Higher Education Overseas

Are you interested in studying abroad but don’t know where to go? Maybe you have already thought about the most popular international destinations, like the US, UK, and Germany. But none of them have captured your imagination enough. You are most likely looking for something entirely different. If yes, then read on to find out why universities in France are worth your consideration. 

But before that, let’s talk about an important formality that needs to be fulfilled before you can turn your dream of studying in France into a reality.

France: degree certificate attestation-

France attestation of degree certificates is the act by which an authorized person, persons, department, or authority validates the credibility of a degree certificate by putting their signature and stamp on it. This attestation is needed mainly to confirm the authenticity of a degree certificate. By attesting the certificate, the concerned authority declares that the document is original, and the stamps and logos present on it are genuine.

France needs such degree certificates to be attested from the country where they were issued. The certificate must be certified by the concerned HRD/MEA or the Embassy of the country where the student obtained the certificate.

Since the entire process is confusing and time-consuming, it’s better to hire an agency for this job as they can complete the entire process even when the certificate holder has moved abroad.

The documents required for France Degree Certificate Attestation-

One of the most important documents required for this process is the attested offer letter. This should be an original document attested by concerned authorities in France. The date of issue should not exceed three months after its submission date in France Embassy. Next, you need a letter from your University confirming whether you have done a correspondence or a regular course with them.

Apart from these, you will need a passport copy, a visa copy, 2 coloured photographs, an authorization letter, original mark sheets of all years, etc. Original Certificates should be authenticated at the state level by HRD.

Why Study in France?

  • France universities are extremely popular in the world-

France, which has seen a steady rise in higher education spending over the past decade, has taken proactive steps to increase its universities and research infrastructures and make it a major knowledge economy. France is a strong hub in higher education, hence, the perfect place for ambitious students.

  • Expose yourself to amazing travel opportunities-

France offers many opportunities for travel, which is one of the many perks of living there. There are hundreds of beautiful places to visit in France. So, when you are not attending classes, you can be on trips.

  • Be a part of a huge international community-

Many France universities offer generous scholarships and, in some cases, full tuition waivers. They also have many courses that are taught in English. You’ll be able to make new friends while studying abroad in France. You’ll also likely meet young professionals of many cultural backgrounds if you plan on working in France after you finish your studies.

  • Save money-

France universities are eager to expand their international reach and offer scholarships and funding incentives. And that is why France is relatively affordable compared with other countries.


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