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Are Notary and Apostille Stamp the same? If not, what is the difference?

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Although the notarial stamp and Apostille are both verification procedures that authenticate the details mentioned in a document, they have notable differences. And, here’s how –

Purpose of Notarization and Apostille


The notarization seal on a document speaks for its authenticity and prevents the risks of forgery of legal documents. The primary purpose of notarization is to render a document valid for legal operations or the court within the country.  


On the contrary, Apostille is done for validating a document for foreign travel/settlement for education, employment, or business. While notarization alone doesn’t render a document fit for foreign use, Apostille makes it function for use in all the countries part of the Hague Convention.

Procedure of Notarization and Apostille


The central or state government appoints the notary public for certifying, attesting, and authenticating instruments. The notarization procedure is carried forward by a notary who is usually an advocate with at least ten years of experience (7 years in the case of a female). The notary embellishes the document with a circular seal and their signature during the notarization procedure. 


Apostille involves a few more steps and starts with notarization. Then, the document goes through the Home Department, Human Resource Department (HRD) or Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), or the Chamber of Commerce, depending on the type of the document. And finally, it reaches the Ministry of External Affairs for the final stamp of Apostille. The Apostille Stamp is the last step of authentication for the home country and the destination country.

Time & Cost
Notarization, a more straightforward procedure, takes less time and costs less money. However, with MEA India by your side, you can get your Apostille at the most efficient speed and reasonable cost. Thanks to the network we’ve built over the years and the experience of our seasoned experts that facilitates the quick Apostille of your documents.

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