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FRRO Apostille in India

FRRO Apostille in India

Get Your FRRO Apostille Services in India

Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) is an official procedure mandated by the Indian Government for all foreign nationals visiting India for more than 180 days. Whether an individual is visiting on a student, employment, business, medical, missionary, project, or research visa, they must register on the FRRO platform within the first 14 days of arrival. Usually, the registration process is completed within 24 hours. Upon registration, a residential permit is issued in the individual’s name. This permit stays valid for the visit mentioned in the visa. And, the individual has to return this permit during their departure from the country.


  • Foreign nationals holding business visas must get their FRRO if their aggregate stay/visit to India exceeds 180 days in an entire calendar year
  • Pakistani nationals must register themselves within 24 hours of their arrival. In the case of a medical visa, Pakistani nationals are granted 7 days to get themselves registered
  • Children below the age of 12 are exempted from the process of registration

FRRO Apostille Services in India

FRRO Apostille

The acquired document must be apostilled to legalize and validate the FRRO permit further. For the uninitiated, Apostille is a simple form of document authentication by appointed government officials. It certifies the authenticity of the origin, signature, and seal present/mentioned in the document. An apostilled document is accepted in countries that are a part of the Hague Convention 1961.

Why is FRRO Apostille Copy important?

Public documents like the FRRO Copy must be apostilled if it is intended to be used as proof in foreign countries. The issuing country and the country where the authenticated document will be produced must be a member country of the Hague Convention 1961. If the foreign national intends to use their FRRO copy for legal procedures even within India, an apostille FRRO copy is required to proceed with the task quickly.

Transfer Certificate Apostille Sample

How Much Does FRRO Apostille Cost?

Several stages come in the authorisation procedure of the certificate. The fee will usually depend on the kind of authentication you require, whether from the MEA or all other levels. Your costs will be calculated in the end depending on the various factors involved in obtaining the legalisation. If you would like to learn about our best deals, get in touch with our executives.

How Long Does it Take for FRRO Copy Apostille?

The certificate authentication isn’t a single-step process, so it is difficult to predict precisely how long the procedure will take. Depending on the document issued to a state, you can expect the offline procedure to demand at least two to three weeks. If things go smoothly, it can take even lesser time as well. Contact Us.

Documents needed for FRRO Apostille
We perpetually guide our customers clearly regarding the documents needed for the Apostille since the wants are dynamic and alter counting on the paper and laws. However, a number of the foremost documents that are nearly always needed are –

  • FRRO Copy
  • Passport Copy

How to Apostille your FRRO copy in India?

The authorized signature and seal of the apostille are meted out by government officials of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). However, after the recent decentralization of the procedure, one cannot submit their documents directly to the MEA. Instead, they have to get their FRRO apostilled from a notary, then the Branch Secretariats and the RPOs across 15 cities.

What is the Process for FRRO Apostille in India?

Today, the Apostille process for FRRO is carried out as follows –

FRRO Apostille Procedure in India

  • Step 1 – Authorised Center : Excellent Apostille Services is a professional agency that collecting FRRO copy from all over India and submitting it to the Ministry of External Affairs. The EAS will notarise the document in the beginning step of the Apostille process.
  • Step 2 – State Level : Two departments can take the lead in the authentication process – Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) and State Home Department (SHD).
  • Step 3 – Apostille : The final stage is where the central government carries out the process. The MEA offers a sticker containing the applicant’s name and information.

How can I get Apostille easily? – 

Contact at the EAS – Three Reasons to get our Apostille Service –

  • Our professionals are here to take care of your needs regarding premium apostille services for FRRO certificates. Never worry about the complexities of the procedure when you have EAS at your service.
  • Why waste your time, resources, and money or risk getting duped? At Excellent Services, we are blessed with experts who have worked in this domain for decades. And with our resourceful network in place. We get your document apostilled swiftly at the most reasonable price.
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