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GMP Certificate Attestation Services in India

GMP Certificate Attestation

GMP Certificate Attestation is necessary for overseas use because the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification is an emblem that reflects necessary prerequisites and safety measures followed throughout the end-to-end manufacturing procedure. The WHO was the first draft text of the GMP in 1967 through multiple revisions. If you don’t know where to get the GMP certificate Attestation in India, MEA India can help. With a team of knowledgeable and resourceful counsellors at our organisation, we will get the GMP certificate Attestation done for you at the best cost.

The EAS – The Experts of GMP Certificate Attestation 

Today, the GMP certification scheme includes certification of – 

  • Pharmaceutical products (especially, those manufactured for the purpose of export)
  • Consumable products
  • Veterinary products administered to food-producing animals
  • Starting materials for use in dosage form
  • Information on safety and efficacy

Purpose of GMP Certification

There are three main purposes served by the GMP certification –

  • It builds trust between the manufacturer and consumer.
  • It helps the government build a system that ensures the quality of products manufactured is consistent and in line with the fundamental standards of quality.
  • GMP is also designed to reduce and eliminate the risks involved in the production process that can cost the health and wellbeing of the end consumers. These risks are difficult to eliminate during the testing phase of the final product.

GMPO Certificate Attestation

How Much Does the GMP Certificate Attestation Cost?

Multiple factors come into play to determine the final cost of the GMP Certificate Attestation. The urgency of the job will also factor into the price, including any additional services requested by the client. If you wish to learn about our packages, feel free to contact us.
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How Long Does It Take for the GMP Certificate Attestation?

You can get your GMP certificate attested as quickly as within 2-3 days when you trust our experts! However, the procedure can take up to 10 days depending on complications involved in the process.

What to Do Before Submitting the Documents?
Before submitting the GMP documents for Attestation at the EAS office, you need to do the following –

  • Original Copy of the GMP Certificate and a photocopy
  • A cover letter on a company letterhead should favour the respective Embassy.

Don’t get stressed regarding the certificates, as our concerned team communicates with you on the exact documents required for attestation in your specific case. We guarantee the privacy of your papers during the whole attestation procedure.

What is the Process for the GMP Certificate Attestation?

GMP Certificate Attestation is a lengthy process to get an attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs and the respective Embassy. The method includes verification from the officials of the Chamber of Commerce also.  

GMP Certificate Attestation Procedure

  • Step 1 – The EAS : The EAS is a permitted private agency collecting the GMP Certificate from India and submitting them to the MEA and Foreign Consulate. Contacts at the EAS is the first step of the GMP Certificate Attestation procedure.
  • Step 2 – Chamber of Commerce : Once the GMP certificate is acquired, it must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce to prove its authenticity for further proceedings. The first step to getting Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate Attestation starts at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Step 3 – Ministry of External Affairs : The MEA is the second step in the journey of GMP certificate attestation. The MEA legalizes the certificate with a computerized stamp of its approval applied to the back of the certificate.
  • Step 4 – The Embassy Attestation : Based on the authentication done by the MEA, the authorized officials of the Embassy give their final stamp of attestation to the GMP certificate. Thus, concluding the procedure.

Why Choose the EAS Group?
The EAS bridge between a business and the embassy makes attestation smooth and swift. Here’s what a typical GMP attestation procedure looks like at the EAS – 

  • Step 1 – Document Submission:- When it comes to GMP Attestation Services, you only need to submit one original document, that is, the original GMP certification. Other than that, one has to furnish us with certain details of the company required to file for the certificate.
  • Step 2 – Payment:- The attestation cost depends primarily on the following two factors –
    • The country in which the attestation needs to be done
    • The urgency of the attestation
  • Step 3 – Get Attested GMP Certificate- Collect your GMP certificate attested within the given timeline or get doorstep delivery as required.
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Important Note:

Free delivery service in India only. The courier service charge is applicable for delivery overseas, according to the courier service’s rates.

With an exceptional team of top-class professionals, you can stay assured that the job will be done in the stipulated amount of time, even in times of urgency. If you wish to learn more about our services, get in touch with us today!

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