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How Many Days It Will Take In Certificate Attestation For UAE?

How Many Days It Will Take Certificate Attestation For UAE

Certificate attestation is a crucial process for every individual who wishes to migrate or shift to a foreign country. The rules and regulations for attestation or Apostille can vary from the nation, but no one can leave their country without properly certifying the documents. This topic is all about the rules and regulations and time required by certificate attestation for the person who wishes to migrate to UAE.
When it comes to attestation for UAE, each document needs to get attested like educational, non-educational, and commercial certifications along with the rest of the necessary documents. However, there can be many challenges with the attestation part for UAE that we aim to ash-off in this topic.

We have collected some points that can answer your queries related to the timing and days required for Apostille certificate attestation for UAE. You can study the below points, in brief, to relieve yourself of your confusion.

Estimated time period

  • The time period for certificate attestation is not fixed and can vary depending on the situation. When it comes to estimation, the complete attestation process can be completed in around 8-10 days and can even be delayed if the situations do not work in your interest.
  • You can choose an experienced attestation service provider to minimize the attestation period. This will also reduce the chances for mistakes, and you can continue with the rest of the paperwork to ensure your migration to UAE. Things can prove challenging amongst multiple service providers in the market, but making a wise choice is crucial.
  • Certificate Attestation/ Apostille can vary for different certificates attached with the necessary documents. There can be many necessary certificates and documents that a country demands, and each of them needs to be verified accordingly, demanding separate time. Situations can also arise for apostille certificate attestation for UAE and other countries.

Procedure for certificate attestation

Attestation is mainly divided into 3 sectors i.e.

  • Educational certificate attestation
  • Non-educational certificate attestation
  • Commercial certificate attestation

The common authority in all of the above attestation sectors is MEA and Embassy Attestation.

  1. MEA Attestation

Amongst all the legal and valid attestation units, attestations done under the MEA are considered to be the most valid ones. There is a particular procedure that needs to be followed to get the certifications and validations completed under MEA.

  1. Embassy certification

The second valid certification after MEA attestation is Embassy certification. Every respective Embassy of different countries performs this task, and it is crucial to get these things done under a certified institute to avoid fraud. One can only get his certificates testified under Embassy once he is done with the verification part under the MEA.

Final Thoughts
We hope that the above information was enough to clear your confusion and queries related to the time required for certificate attestation for UAE. The above points also highlight the importance of getting attestations done under a certified and trustworthy service provider to avoid complications in the future.

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