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How to Check Your Apostille Is Not a Fake

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How to Check Your Apostille Isn’t a Fake

Getting a certificate apostille or apostille attestation is hard work. At times, getting through even the first or second step of the stamping and attestation process can take you more than a month if you go at it yourself. Probably because of all the back and forth you’ve to do in various government offices. People usually prefer hiring agencies or sub-agents to do the work of certificate apostille or apostille attestation.

Why do people prefer it? Because it’s faster and simpler.

But there are agencies or sub-agents out there who would sometimes pick the lousy road and perform counterfeit validations, meaning a fake apostille attestation, without the knowledge of the document holder.

Fake apostille attestation is alarming, and you should care about it, because this can result in a lifetime ban and a sentence under the law.

Don’t let this scare you away from your dream of living and working abroad. Let’s find out how you can identify a fake apostille attestation.

Identifying a Fake Apostille Attestation
  • First, if you’re ever offered a digital format apostille attestation, run fast and far… because it’s a fake. To have a certificate apostille or apostille attestation, the original document has to be first examined by a registrar.
  • If you have the physical, tangible document where the apostille attestation process has been done, there are a few things you should look out for, such as making sure that there is a notary stamp on it with the signature of the registrar. Most registrars like to leave their names on the stamp, so you can contact them personally to verify that. Next is verifying the state stamp where the name and address of the state official should be mentioned. You can contact them via email or at their office to confirm if this is original
  • The last and final verification step is looking at the MEA stamp. This is from the Ministry of External Affairs, an Indian government body that prints a unique stamp on the back of your document. This should have the place, date, official person, document type, holder name, and signature of the official, along with two or more stamps on the edges.
  • There’s one more way to check the authenticity of your certificate apostille or apostille attestation: through a new government initiative called e-Sanad, started by MEA.

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