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How to Get an Attestation of a Degree Certificate to apply for a Vietnam Work Visa?

The stamp obtained from the Ministry of External Affairs, or the embassy is a legal procedure that is crucial for verifying the authenticity of a document. This process of stamping is referred to as the attestation of a certificate. The stamp certifies important documents needed for carrying out business overseas or for obtaining a visa. This attestation process is vital for proving the genuineness of a document. 

Degree certificate attestation is a procedure by which the degree certificates of an individual get verified by a government authority. This certificate is attained when a person completes his or her graduation— a document issued by the concerned university. This certificate is essential for any sort of higher education as well as for employment. It is important proof of the academic qualification of a person. The attestation of a degree certificate is essential if a person plans to travel abroad to further his or her studies or employment. 

Why is Degree Certificate attestation needed?

You will need a degree certificate attestation if you plan to complete your higher studies abroad. An employee needs to get this attestation to be able to get a job abroad. It is crucial for obtaining a visa, and it is needed for migration.

What is the process for obtaining a Degree Certificate attestation?

Three steps will help you in obtaining degree certificate attestation. These are:

  • HRD Attestation:

In the first step, you will have to get HRD attestation. For this, you will have to collect all your documents from wherever they are issued. The HRD or Human Resource Department will then verify your certificates with the concerned college or university. After that, the HRD will authenticate your document with the help of an official signature or stamp.

  • MEA Attestation:

After getting the authentication from the HRD, your document has to be attested by the MEA or Ministry of External Affairs. The Ministry of External Affairs might take some time to attest your documents. In case any of your documents are found to be forged, then the MEA has the right to seize the document and impose penalties and fines on the applicant.

  • Embassy Attestation:

The final step includes getting your documents attested by the embassy of the country to which you are planning to shift. The embassy will accept only those documents that have been verified by the other two authorities.

What is Vietnam Work Visa?

Foreigners planning to work in Vietnam have to obtain a Work permit and a Vietnam Work Visa. To be eligible for the Vietnam Work Visa, you will have to be above 18 years of age, should not have any criminal records, will have to work in executive or managerial positions in Vietnam, and must have the necessary work as well as academic qualifications in accordance with your work. In addition, you must have a work contract with the company you will be working for. Note that the company that is hiring you will have to prove that they advertised the work position to Vietnam nationals but couldn’t find anyone, etc. Moreover, before you apply for a Vietnam Work Visa, you have to obtain a work permit or be in the process of acquiring it.

Now that you have all relevant information linked to the procedure of getting your documents attested for the Vietnam Work Visa, there is no reason why you would feel any kind of confusion when you finally get to this phase.


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