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How To Get Commercial Documents Attested Quickly?

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The need for attestation of commercial documents is growing rapidly in all business verticals. In case you are involved in any kind of commercial activity in India and intend to expand your business or export any items to any foreign territory, you are required to get commercial documents attested by the Chamber of Commerce or issuing authority in India.

Corporations find the processing time-consuming and lengthy. In case you desire to get documents attested for business on foreign shores, it is always advisable to hire experts or agents to get the procedure of attestation of commercial documents completed.

Because of the presence of certificate attestation agencies and companies in India, business owners can gain some relief from the complicated process of commercial documents attestation to get it done as fast as possible.

A particular business owner applying for attestation of commercial documents should be aware of the categories of commercial documents in case he wishes to expand the business or open a new branch of operations in a foreign country. Commercial documents get authenticated mainly from the Chamber of Commerce. The process involves the legalization of different kinds of commercial documents.

Following is the list of commercial documents needed for legalization:

  • Export invoice
  • Power of Attorney
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • List of packaging
  • Certificate of origin
  • GMP Certificate
  • Free Sale Certificate
  • Reports of physical and chemical analyses

Following the step of authentication of the company’s financial documents from the Chamber of Commerce, they are further attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). In the final step, documents get attested by the embassy of the respective country that is located in India.

How to choose an agent

The process of authentication and legalization of commercial documents varies from country to country. As per international law, attestation is the process of validating a document as per the legal system of the country.

The process of attestation of commercial documents is time-consuming and needs more time than any other kind of attestation. Despite this hefty process, agents for attestation manage to get commercial documents attested within a short span of time.

Often, the cost of attestation of the commercial document by the government department is highly exorbitant. Therefore, some agents exploit this fact and may overcharge you for attestation services. Hence, it is important that you select an agent who offers a cost-effective service.

Moreover, commercial documents are highly confidential; they should not be copied or distributed when it comes to revealing them to the agents for attestation. Hence, you must ensure privacy and protection of information, and for this, you must sign non-disclosure agreements with agents. Though more expensive, this step is vital. But if you select a reliable service provider, you can rest assured that the process of attestation does not compromise your privacy or your pocket.

Chamber of commerce (COC) attestation
This is the first step to attest commercial documents. This procedure is based on urgency factors as well as the validity of documents. Every commercial document undergoes this procedure and then moves to further stages of authentication conducted by government authorities. COC attestation helps to make ready visa for business purposes and to initiate business in foreign countries. This process usually takes time but can be speeded up by getting all documents in order at the earliest. There is also a provision for speeded-up processing for emergencies.

In sum, these are some of the ways in which commercial documents can be attested speedily. Contact us for more information

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