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How To Get Document Attestation from UAE Embassy in India?

Briefings About UAE Embassy Attestation & Attestation for UAE

UAE has become the ultimate destination for people to find employment opportunities. UAE is renowned for its diverse workforce, better saving opportunities and impressive infrastructure. Every year, people from various backgrounds and skills come to UAE to find their dream job. Thanks to professional help in the visa process, people can easily move to UAE. However, document attestation is a crucial step in the visa process.

Why does the UAE want to get your documents attested?
The UAE embassy requires attestation for student, work, and other visas because that way, the government can confirm that you have a sound background and are not entering the country with ill intentions.

The entire attestation process for UAE is long and elaborate because UAE is not part of the Hague Convention. Therefore, it includes four different government bodies during the entire process. The Home Affairs Department is responsible for issuing the documents that must be attested. This is followed by involvement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the applicant’s country, the UAE Embassy and MOFA in UAE. Hence, knowing what lies ahead of you and which government body you should contact at each step is essential. The Home Affairs department. Let us look at how you need to get your UAE certificate attestation of your documents.

Process for Document Attestation from the UAE Embassy

The entire process of document attestation by the UAE Embassy can be divided into 3 steps:

Step 1:
a. For educational certificates: The concerned authority of the educational institution that issued the certificates is contacted.
b. For non-educational certificates: The state Civil Service department or the Home Affairs department which issued the certificates is contacted.
c. For commercial certificates: The country’s Chamber of Commerce needs to be contacted.

Step 2:
Once the relevant bodies have attested the documents, the documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs of the issued country for further authentication.

After receiving approval from the Ministry of External Affairs, the certificates are sent to the issued country’s UAE for legalization.

Step 4:
Finally, the documents are sent to MOFA in the UAE for attestation.

Suppose you don’t want to go through the hassles of different processes and seek expert assistance along the way. In that case, you should hire a reputable attestation service that can fasten the entire process for you and help you keep clear of any errors. With their help, you can expect the proper attestation within the given timeline so your Visa process gets completed seamlessly.

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