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How To Get Your Document Apostille in Mumbai

Process of Apostille in Mumbai

Any state in India may issue the documents, and the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India may apostille them. Verified MEA organisations can provide apostille services in Mumbai. The applicant whose documents do not come under the E Sanad portal must teach to Regional Authentication Centres or RACs. Since Mumbai has access to Regional Authentication Centres, applicants can search for these authorised agencies. Different kinds of documents come under the jurisdiction of specific RACs.

The next step requires the applicant to submit the necessary documents to their respective government-sanctioned/authorised Outsourced Agency. The official agency then submits the applicant’s documents to the RPO or Branch Secretariat, which has jurisdiction over them, returning the legalised documents via the authorised agency back to the applicant. The authorised Outsourced Agency for apostille details can be found on the MEA website.

For applicants in Maharashtra, the Home department attestation for educational documents is a special regulation that only applies to the state. Thus, if one is looking to get an educational Apostille in Mumbai, one will need to get a Home Department attestation.

It is common knowledge that the embassy or consulate of the nation we are visiting will require us to provide specific documents for various reasons if we travel for business, education, or any other reason. To offer citizenship, admit students to institutions, or issue visas, among other things. You must submit specific documentation for several purposes. They could be academic or nonacademic ( Personal ). Therefore, the documents must be validated before presenting them there. Apostille is the term used to describe the process of document authentication or legalisation.

Attestation for a birth certificate, marriage certificate, and other documents. Additionally, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) will perform the verification. Mumbai will only accept Apostilles or Attestations from MEA.

Verification by the home department is needed. To do this activity, you must visit the relevant universities, Secretariat offices, DC offices, and Regional Authentication Centers (RAC) ( State Attestation).

For both educational and non-educational papers, state attestation is known as HRD Attestation.
State attestation is needed while travelling to Italy or Austria. SDM Apostille is sufficient, authorised, recognised, and valid for all other Hague countries. A Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) attestation and authentication would come from Delhi. Since only one department is engaged, it is the fastest verification method.

In comparison to SDM certification, the State Attestation Process requires more time. Because SDM Apostille is quick, it is preferable. Additionally, the Home Department attests to all documents issued in Mumbai or Maharashtra more quickly. Compared to other states, the time required for home department attestation is lower.

In Mumbai, getting an attested certificate follows the same procedure as elsewhere in India. The apostille is the same one from the Ministry of External Affairs. People who live close to Mumbai will prefer to submit paperwork to the Mumbai office if they are from Maharashtra.

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