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Is It Possible To Apostille A Copy Of An Original Document?

The term apostille is French by origin and means certification in English. It is a name designated to a specialized certificate that the Secretary of State issues. The original document is attached with an apostille which proves the legitimacy and authenticity of the document. This document, along with the Apostille, is accepted in the countries members of the Hague Apostille Convention. The Apostille is a unique product of the MEA that the HCCH Member country takes, and there is no mention of the country where you want to use it. But There is the country name where issued the document was. The section officer takes 1 or 2 words of name to print on the Apostille stamp. No matter if a single word name is mentioned on the Apostille sticker.

In 1961, various countries created simple legalizing documents for universal recognition. The members of the Hague Convention adopted a document that came to be known as an apostille, which was to be recognized by the member countries. The Apostille Convention simplifies the certification process of public documents for use in the countries that have been a part of the convention. Documents intended for use in participating nations and their respective territories must be certified by an official within the jurisdiction of where the document was executed.

Why is an apostilled document required?

In order to obtain any type of visa for different countries that have signed or have been a part of the Hague Convention, an apostilled document must be provided.

What are the benefits of apostille documents?

If your documents are apostilled, then you will be able to get the following benefits

  • Plenty of career opportunities:

Various multinational companies situated in foreign countries can provide you with numerous career opportunities. Therefore, getting your documents apostilled will make your path to success clear, as you will be able to join foreign companies easily.

  • Getting higher education:

If you plan to complete your higher education in a foreign country, you must get your essential documents apostilled. Getting your documents apostilled beforehand will help you because you will be able to complete the process independently without external help.

Document Apostilles in India

In India, getting your documents apostilled is a mandatory procedure that has to be followed to obtain the visa for any member country of the convention. India is also a member or part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Suppose you are planning to reside in a foreign country or get a job or are attempting to expand your business abroad. In that case, it is crucial to get your documents apostilled or authenticated by the MEA or the Ministry of External Affairs. In India, the apostille stamp can be issued only by the MEA. It is also responsible for handling the majority of the foreign affairs of India. In order to legalize an apostille document in India, it has to be first reviewed by the HRD ministry, and then it can get authenticated by the MEA.

It is possible for to Apostille copy the original document in some cases. Certain records have to be processed as originals. The compositions of these documents are not accepted. Such documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates. A certified copy of a document can also get legalized in some cases. These documents include academic credentials. Only a few selected papers can be legalized if they are certified copies of the original.

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