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Language Translation Services

Translation Services

Technology has made communication faster and easier for the world, allowing people from different backgrounds to communicate with each other. As we continue to live in a globalised society, the need for language translation is on the rise.

Language Translation – Hire Experienced Translator Only at the EAS

What is Language Translation?

Language translation is the process of converting content from one particular language to another while retaining its real meaning and grammar. Language translation is key to forming relationships, conveying ideas, and expressing ourselves.

What is Translation Services?

When it comes to various language, As it is humanly impossible for one person to learn every language on Earth, hiring language translation services is paramount for businesses that require communicating with people from a different language-speaking background.

Document Translation
Language Translation

Why is Translation Service necessary?

Conveying the intent and purpose of any content is paramount in communication. A simple mistake can sometimes completely alter or misrepresent what one is trying to say. A professional language translation company can do language conversion with patience and techniques that only an individual with a thorough understanding of that specific domain will perform. 

Who Needs Translation Services?

Many instances necessitate language conversion as a means to influence a bridge the communication gap between two parties, such as between legal organisations or business administrations. Even a writer will need to hire language experts to convey their ideas to their readers. Thus, approaching certified translation professionals is mandatory while leading with legal and administrative translations.

How Much Does Translation Services Cost?

Several factors influence the cost of translation services, such as the languages involved, type of content, and domain of conversion. The price will differ from one service to another. Feel free to contact us if you want a price quote on our translation services.

How Much Time Will It Take for Translation?

The time needed for translation will depend on the type of content and the different languages involved in the project. No two translation projects are the same, and our experts will do their best to present their best quality work as fast as possible. Contact Us.

What Are the Types of Translation Services?

From legal to business documents, translation services are needed for multiple reasons in different areas. Some of the common types of translation services we offer at the EAS are listed below –

  • Technical Translation – It involves content with technical terms, such as technical brochures, user manuals, patents, etc.
  • Business Translation – It involves administrative and commercial documents that are necessary for in-organisation and out-of-organisation purposes.
  • Medical Translation – It would include medical content necessitated by medicine-related organisations, such as patient information, research papers, medical prescriptions, etc.
  • Legal Translation – It includes legal documents necessary for law-related reasons by certified translators.
  • Financial Translation – It would include documents with economic or financial information, such as financial reports, balance sheets, bank statements, etc.
  • Academic Translation – It would include academic documents like brochures, textbooks, educational certificates, etc.
  • Website Translation – It would involve converting web pages from one language to another to reach the intended audience for the desired traffic.
  • Literary Translation – It involves translating text or content specific to literature, such as blogs, novels, novellas, poems, etc.
  • Script Translation – It includes translating scenes and dialogues for movies, plays, online short videos, and so on.

What Type of Document Translation Services Do We Offer?
Be it personal documents, commercial documents, or educational documents, our experts will offer excellent translation services as per your requirements. Some of the common types of documents we handle at EAS include –

Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate
Character Certificate University Marksheets
Audit Documents Bank Statements
Annual Reports CV Translation
Insurance Policy Shareholder Information
Business Correspondence Advertising Campaigns

What Are Different Languages We Serve?
Our translation experts specialise in the following languages –

Spanish Italian
German Russian
Japanese Chinese
Korean Dutch
Vietnamese Turkish
French Arabic
Polish Greek
Finnish Hebrew
Gujarati Marathi
Hindi Urdu

What is the process for Language Translation? Things you need to know

There are two steps involved in the translation services for personal and commercial document from the EAS, namely –

Translation Procedure

  • The EAS : The Excellent Apostille Services is a private professional and non-government agency that providing certified translation services. Contact at EAS is the beginning step of the translation process.
  • Certified Translation : Languages Translation by the Certified translators.

How to get translation services?

EAS – Your Ultimate Language Translation Agency in India. If you are looking for a professional translation agency, EAS Agency is here to take care of your needs. With an impeccable team of qualified and experienced language experts, we are here to set the benchmark for language translation in India.

At the EAS, we understand that your words are what you represent in the business world, leaving no room for errors. Hence, you can expect our translators to pay meticulous attention to every detail to ensure that the recipient misunderstands no statement. When you hire our services, you can stay assured that none of your ideas would be lost or misrepresented in translation.

With an exceptional network of top-class translators, you can expect us to complete your translation projects within the given timeframe. We offer the quickest turnaround time while 100% quality assurance, which even applies to translations on short notice. 

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Important Note:

Free delivery service in India only. The courier service charge is applicable for delivery overseas, according to the courier service’s rates.

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Our commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from our competitors. With quality and accurate translation services, our goal is to keep our clients happy and satisfied whenever they need us. So, when you require professional translation services, do not forget to get in touch with us. 

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