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Nursing Certificate Attestation for Kuwait: Here’s Everything To Know

Nursing Certificate Attestation for Kuwait

Amidst the growing amicable relationship and coordination between India and Kuwait, thousands of Indian nurses are recruited in the Persian Gulf emirate. The recruitments have ballooned manifold in the recent past owing to the pandemic.

Top 3 Reasons For Indian Nurses To Migrate To Kuwait   

  1. Kuwait offers higher pay with better benefits. Experienced and skilled nurses can earn up to 1,630 KWD or Rs.4,13,324 per month!
  2. There is an ocean of opportunities for fresher and experienced nurses in Kuwait, which has a thriving healthcare sector. As of 2019, data from the World Health Organization Global Health Expenditure reflects that Kuwait spends 5.5% of its budget on developing its healthcare sector, making it a cradle of opportunities for Indian ex-pats.
  3. In India, nurses with a degree in nursing and certification in General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) can get lucrative employment opportunities in Kuwait. Although an additional two years of experience in the field is preferred, the eligibility criteria for the job are not stringent.

Nursing Certificate: The Key To Success
Aspirants aiming to get employed as nurses in Kuwait must obtain a Scientific Certificate in Nursing from an accredited institute in India. The certification serves as the proof of qualification and skill of professional nurses. Both entry-level nurses and those who have been in the industry but want to polish their skills with the latest trends should be taking the nursing certification.

Nursing Certificate Attestation 
For nursing ex-pats aiming to secure a lucrative job in Kuwait, it is essential to get their nursing certificate attested.
The procedure of nursing certificate attestation includes the verification and authentication of the document that renders it fit for use for legal/official proceedings. The attestation seal serves as proof and prevents the detrimental risks of forfeited documents.
The Procedure Of Nursing Certificate Certification

The Procedure Of Nursing Certificate Certification 

Regional Attestation – The institute that issued the certificate must authenticate its legitimacy to start the gradual sanctioning attestation cycle.
State Attestation – In the next step, the nursing certificate is sent to the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), depending on the state legislation infrastructure.
Central Attestation – The final step in the attention journey transpires at the Ministry of External Affairs, headquartered in Delhi. The ministry has outsourced the job of documentation, so one cannot submit the required documents directly to the MEA.

Based on the previous verifications and authentications, the MEA stamps the nursing certificate with a computerized stamp and the signature of the authorized officials.

Common Challenges In Nursing Certificate Attestation  
1. Taking out time from the hectic schedule of a nurse and getting into the complexities of the attestation process. 
2. People often struggle to figure out the procedure, especially when it comes to documentation. Thus, creating a space of confusion that causes further delays. 
3. no shortage of incompetent service providers who often dupe their clients by charging super high for the job, not delivering on time, or even mishandling/losing the essential documents required for attestation. 

The Solution? 
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