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Power of Attorney Attestation in India

POA Attestation Services

Different documents are circulated as proof of something. Power of Attorney is one of them. Authentication and Attestation of a Power of Attorney are obligated at several levels in commercial and personal life. To use Power of Attorney overseas can be worried because there is a process of getting an Attestation of the Power of Attorney before you are allowed to use it overseas. Because Attestation on Power of Attorney proves the solidity and authenticity of the Power of Attorney and the reliability of your purpose.  It proves that your Power of Attorney is valid, which can be permitted in the country. 

The Consular stamp from the Embassy is a crucial part of the Attestation process of the Power of Attorney. It is a report which expresses a conclusion about the reliability of a Power of Attorney. It would help if you got a Power of Attorney Attestation from the respective embassy. This process will certify the legality of your Power of Attorney and yourself to use it overseas. It is a part of security. Power of Attorney Attestation is a kind of legalisation that comes under commercial or personal documents.

First, it is crucial to understand the country’s requirement where you seek to use and accordingly, the Power of Attorney Attestation process begins.It is obvious to get stressed with so many questions, and only professional help can save you from all these complications. But worry no more.  Excellent Apostille Services is here to help you.

The Complete Guide of Attestation Procedure for Power of Attorney

What is Power of Attorney?

A power of attorney is an official comment that allows you to choose a person or company to handle your investments, financial, healthcare or company affairs if you become incapable of doing so.

What is Power of Attorney Attestation?

  • The Consular stamp from the embassy is a type of legal procedure that will execute with the evidence of verifying the Power of Attorney. This evidence is a unique and special stamp of each country's embassy, called a Power of Attorney attestation.
  • The respective Embassy Attestation authenticates the official's seal and signature on the Power of Attorney to be recognised in foreign countries.
  • The Embassy attestation is a vital prospect for Power of Attorney. It is an adequate legal procedure. After Attestation, It shows that your Power of Attorney is approved in the respective country.
  • Holding Embassy Attestation on a Power of Attorney means there is no requirement for further Legalization.
power of attorney Attestation

How long does take time the Power of Attorney Attestation Procedure?

The Power of Attorney Attestation Process is a multi-step process. The Certificate must pass through some compulsory primary legalization process from the various authorized department to reach the final Consular stamp. So it takes twelve to fifteen working days, although There are several ways to finish the process on a fast track. Contact Us.

Required documents for Power of Attorney Attestation process

The Attestation stamp can be printed particularly on the original Power of Attorney. It should be better, and all signs and seals have to be readable and clear. Moreover, it must not contain unusual marking.

  • Notarized Power of Attorney original
  • Passport photocopy of signatory person
  • What does the Power of attorney Attestation cost?

    Power of attorney attestation cost depends on Embassy fees which fluctuate, so there is too variation in expense. So it is tough to quote because charges change from time to time. So contact us for the current cost.

    Embassy Attestation Sample

    Embassy Attestation Sample

    The detail explanation of Power of Attorney Attestation Procedure as under,

    Power of Attorney Attestation Procedure

    Attestation Procedure for Power of Attorney

    1. Notary Stamp
    2. Chamber of commerce/SDM/Home Department Stamp
    3. Apostille from Ministry of External Affairs
    4. Attestation from the respective Embassy

    These Officials are during the Power of Attorney Attestation process.

    Getting an Attestation sticker on Power of Attorney is a lengthy procedure. To arrive at the final Attestation, The document has to pass through some obligatory primary legalization process from the various Officials.

    The Officials are
    • EAS : The Excellent Attestation Services is a private professional and non-government agency collecting notarized Power of Attorney from all over India and submitting them to the MEA and respective Embassy for Attestation. The submission to EAS is the beginning step of the Attestation procedure for a Power of Attorney.
    • CHAMBER of COMMERCE : The Chamber of commerce is a trade arrangement and the first step in verifying commercial Power of Attorney before the Attestation from MEA.
    • GAD : It's known as the home department also. The Certificate Attestation based on the signature of the designated signing authorities of the State Government/Union Territory. Personal Power of Attorney verification is to be done by the State Home Department. The Officials are hired only for attestation.
    • SDM : The SDM works personally full form is Sub-Divisional Magistrate. It is a makeshift key for the Personal Power of Attorney Attestation.
    • MEA : The Ministry of External Affairs of India, also known as the Foreign Ministry, is the government agency responsible for India's foreign relations. This Ministry comes under the Government of India and is responsible for India's representation in the United Nations. So, The Ministry of External Affairs must legalise Power of Attorney before Embassy Attestation
    • EMBASSY : The Consular of the respective embassy can finally attest to the Power of attorney. An embassy is a diplomatic mission usually located in another country's capital city or economic capital city, which gives consular services. It is a group of government officials, and their head is Ambassador who represent their government in a foreign country.

    How to Get a Power of Attorney Attestation?

    Usually, for Power of Attorney, the Candidate can achieve the chamber of commerce or SDM stamp personally as per the above chart instruction. Finally, the Attestation stamp is obtained from the Ministry of External Affairs. But to get an Attestation stamp, a candidate can not directly go to The Ministry of External Affairs. They may submit a Power of Attorney to RPO or EAS for Attestation Stamp. The EAS is the accountable consultancy giving accurate authentication of documents in the quickest time possible. We provide Attestation services in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Goa, Kolkata, Bhopal, Indore, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jaipur, Nagpur, Patna, Ranchi, Kochi, Noida, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nashik and many more cities.

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    Important Note:

    Free pick-up and drop service in India only. We are not able to pick up document from overseas or delivery at overseas, Courier services are charged which is according to the courier service’s rates.

    How to start POA Attestation proces

    Power of Attorney Attestation Required for Following Countries

    India | Netherlands | France | Spain | Norway | Switzerland | Denmark | Italy | Germany | Azerbaijan | Estonia | Hungary | Korea | Singapore | Japan | Australia | USA | UK | Canada | Mexico | Brazil | Austria | Finland | Georgia | Greece | Iceland | Ireland | Israel | Jordan | Kazakhstan | Korea | Latvia | Lithuania | Malta | Luxembourg | Chile | Peru | Vietnam | Mauritius | Panama | Morocco | Czech | Russia | Philippines | Poland | Paraguay | Portugal | Moldova | Cyprus | Ecuador | Sweden | South Africa | Ukraine | Kazakhstan | Argentina | Belarus | Bulgaria | Costa Rica

    How to choose an agency for Power of Attorney Attestation & Language Translation Services?

    • It is advantageous to get Power of Attorney Attestation from specialists. EASSPL ensures the most leading loyalty and quality. Our specialists are experienced in this profession, understand the process very well and well-equipped and thoroughly informed with their tasks and 24*7 accessible. We administer all of our services in strict acquiescence with the relevant data safeguard regulations.
    • Somebody can complicate the Attestation process. Don’t give this Attestation process to unprofessional or inexperienced employees who do not have sufficient knowledge of the Power of Attorney Attestation process and the standard provisions because your paperwork could be discarded so Do not let this occur to you!
    • Several agencies are providing Attestation service for Power of Attorney, so it is also essential to know, the Attestation agency is recognised.

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