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Single Status Certificate – to Connect Knots Across Countries

Certificates hold a significant position in the eyes of a judiciary. It is crucial to preserve all documents as they are highly valuable. They play an instrumental role in proving one’s identity and citizenship. Many important certificates are of critical value. They not only prove one’s identity but also play a fundamental role in many circumstances. One of these important certificates is the Single Status Certificate. This certificate is used to prove an individual’s bachelorhood. It is a legal document to specify the marital status of an individual. It is not an official document; it is just a simple statement of any individual stating that he or she is unmarried or has no dependents from any previous marriage.

It is mandatory to produce a single status certificate in many countries before indulging in any other marriage. This provision has been made to curb any illegal marriages from taking place. This certificate is synonymous with names like the ‘Certificate of No Impediment’ or ‘Celibacy Certificate.’ One needs to prepare a plain statement stating that they are not married and need to apostille that document to legalize it and enhance its authenticity up to a major extent.

Fundamentals of single status certificate:

  •   Format: Frankly speaking, the certificate has no format. However, to make sure that the certificate is authorised, one needs to follow a genuine procedure. Many compulsory details should be included in the certificate so that it is approved without any problems. A statement from the affiant’s end clearly stating that the affiant is unmarried should be included. The year of birth should also be mentioned in the form. The passport number and the address of the affiant should also be included. There should be a list of witnesses too. The witnesses should mention that they approve of the claim of the affiant. Without the presence of witnesses, the claim cannot be approved. All these details should be submitted to the government to get proper authentication for the certificate.
  •    Cost of the process and the duration: The expense of the process depends upon the nature of the process. A properly fixed fee should be paid to the Ministry of External Affairs. The rest of the fee is variable and depends upon the place where the certificate is applied for. One should be well-acquainted with the costs linked with this certificate if they wish to create one. This certificate is created within ten days. However, in some exceptional cases, the period may exceed ten days.
  •    Significance: This certificate is very important if one wishes to marry someone of their choice. Without the presence of this certificate, one cannot prove that one is unmarried. Thus, they cannot become a part of marriage without producing this certificate. This statement indicates the importance of the single status certificate in our society. In many countries, it is mandatory to produce this certificate before the commencement of the marriage.

One should adhere to the Ministry of External Affairs guidelines to get their certificate as soon as possible.

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