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The Easiest Way To Kuwait Embassy Attestation

The Easiest Way To Kuwait Embassy Attestation

As of 2021, data from the Indian Ministry Of External Affairs conclude that as many as 10.30 Lakhs Indians reside in Kuwait, making up almost 22% of the Kuwaiti population. The Indian population in Kuwait is expected to grow by 5% to 6% annually. 

For aspirants aiming to go to Kuwait for employment, entrepreneurship, or education, the Kuwait Government makes attestation mandatory for educational & personal documents. 
The 4 Stages Of Attestation For Kuwait.   
Step 1 – Notary Attestation 
The document must bear a notary stamp of an authorized notary public officer for standard processing. This is the preliminary step to the journey of attestation.  
Step 2 – Attestation By The Human Resource Department 
The HRD or the Human Resource Department is responsible for the second stage of verification and authentication of documents.  
Step 3 – Ministry Of External Affairs 
Documents cannot be submitted to the MEA directly by aspirants. Instead, it has to reach the authorities through registered external agencies. The MEA verifies and stamps the document based on the previous stamping done at the state level.  
Step 4 – Attestation By Kuwait Embassy 
The last step to the attestation is authorized embassy officials’ authentication and stamping at the Kuwait embassy. 

The Easiest Way To Get Document Attestation 
The staggered and somewhat complicated process of attestation can overwhelm even experts when it comes to attestation. This is when Excellent Education comes into play and does the difficult job for you while focusing on your travel planning. 

4 Reasons To Avail Our Service  

1. Doorstep Pick-Up & Delivery – Regardless of where you are in the country, we collect and deliver your documents from your doorstep while ensuring safe & careful handling. Best Pricing – We have sustained in the industry for about a decade by maintaining incredibly competitive and reasonable pricing. 
2. Track The Process – Get real-time updates on the processing of your document and retain your peace of mind.
3. Expert Advice & Guidance – Rely upon our seasoned experts to give you relevant information on the entire process of attestation while clearing doubts efficiently.  
4. Fast Service – With an expansive network and experts at every junction of the process, we ensure to get the process completed within the shortest timespan to deliver your attested document at the earliest. 

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