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The Important Role Of MEA In Attestation 

Important of MEA in Attestation 

The Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA), headquartered in Delhi, is the Indian Government’s agency responsible for authenticating and attesting original/true copies of documents

Types Of Documents 

There are 3 types of documents that can be attested or apostilled by the MEA – 

1. Personal Document
2. Educational Document 
3. Commercial Document 

The Purpose of MEA Attestation 

The Following situations necessitate MEA Attestation – 

• When an individual is moving abroad for education 
• When an individual is moving abroad for employment 
• When an individual is moving abroad for business 
• When an individual is moving abroad to unite with their spouse.

The Types Of MEA Attestation 

Apostille – This is a particular type of attestation introduced in 2005 when India became a member of The Hague Convention of October 5, 1961. Apostille was submitted to eradicate the need for the complex and time-consuming procedure of traditional attestation. So, if one is visiting the member countries of The Hague Convention, an MEA Apostille is enough to authenticate their documents for foreign use.

Attestation – This is the traditional way of verifying documents by the MEA and is still required by those countries that are not members of The Hague convention. It is worthy to note that commercial documents always need to be attested. And, an apostille is not enough for their authentication. 

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Most Important Things To Know About MEA Attestation 
> The Ministry of External Affairs does not handle the documents directly from the applicant. They have outsourced the job to external agencies who play the role of a bridge between the MEA and the applicant.
> The Ministry of External Affairs authenticates the documents based on the seals and signatures of the authorities of the State or the Centre. Thus, it does not take direct responsibility for the document’s contents. 
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