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Get UAE MoFA Attestation Services in India

A Complete Guide on How to Get UAE MoFA Attestation in India (Everything About MoFA UAE Attestation)

Getting your documents attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) is a necessary procedure. UAE MoFA Attestation is often required for a variety of reasons, including applying for a visa or establishing a business in the UAE. But how exactly is it done? Let's see in detail why MOFA attestation is required and how you can get your document attested by the Government of UAE. 

What is MoFA?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MoFA is a government agency that looks after a nation's foreign policy. It is this government body that is in charge of certificate attestation. Every country has its own MoFA. In UAE, MoFAIC is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, which is widely known as MoFA UAE. It is a government body that takes care of the attestation process and validation of documents. The MOFA department attests many kinds of documents and serves as a bridge between the UAE and the rest of the globe. The procedure of attestation verifies the seal and signature on documents which are produced outside of the UAE.  The MOFA attestation is provided by the customer happiness centre in the UAE.

What is Document Attestation and Why Is It Required?

A document attestation is done to prove that the terms mentioned on them are correct and authenticated. A stamp, signature, and seal are used to prove that the document is attested. It is a requirement on your legal documents when relocating to a foreign country and functions as a form of certification that your documents are legitimate and authentic.

Document attestation is usually required when you are moving to a new country. It could be for any number of reasons like education purpose, job, starting a new venture, business deal or personal or professional reasons. 

You must be wondering, why document attestation is required. The real reason for this is to prove that the documents that you are submitting in the foreign country are authentic. In simple terms, document attestation proves that the documents that you are submitting are original and not forged in any manner. It is done so that no one can submit fake documents and secure a job or business deal on the wrong terms. How will a foreign nation know that the documents that you are submitting are real and not fake? The answer is by checking the attestation sign and stamp! Hence, every country asks for attested or apostilled documents. And the same rule is applicable in UAE.  So when you are planning to move to UAE for any reason, you have to get your documents attested by UAE MoFA to prove that the submitted documents are real and not faked.  

The Need for Attestation by MoFA

The attestation process by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE is vital to document issuance. It is a step that verifies the stamps, seals, and signatures in several different kinds of documents. The process is done for many purposes, ranging from employment, education, and business to personal matters. Getting documents attested by a reliable attestation service is an essential requirement when you move to the UAE. For example, if you’re applying for a residence visa in UAE, you will need your educational documents attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is important to ensure that the documents you submit are legitimate and can be used legally in the UAE.  In UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs does attestation on all kinds of certificates issued by governments in other countries. This is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that these certificates are legally binding in other countries.

Why is Attestation by UAE Embassy Required?

In the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for a large portion of the certificate attestation process. This step is required if you want to get a resident visa, work permit or higher education. Attestation is the legalization of documents to prove that they are genuine and free from any forged or fraudulent information. During this process, you will be given a stamp by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to prove that your documents are authentic and genuine. MoFA Attestation in UAE is an important step to verify the authenticity of your documents. It is a process that involves stamping and signing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where the document was issued. The attestation process is necessary for documents such as degree certificates, police clearance certificates and experience letters used in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It also allows foreign-originated documents to be legally used in the UAE. 

Some important points to note: 

1) Different document attestation is required for different purposes in UAE. 

2) If you plan to start a business in UAE, you have to get all related documents attested by the ministry of foreign affairs UAE. 

3)If you already reside in UAE and want to call your wife and children, then you have to get your marriage certificate and children's birth and education certificates attested by UAE MoFA. 

Technically, any document that you wish to use in UAE has to get attested by MoFA (MoFAIC) or else those documents will be deemed invalid for use in UAE

You also have to check if all the documents that you are sending for attestation are in English. If the original documents like your degree certificate are in regional languages like Gujarati or Marathi, then you have to get those documents translated into English before sending them to MoFA UAE.  You can do this easily by getting a language translator

What Is the Process for UAE MOFA Attestation?

You cannot directly attest your documents from UAE Embassy. To get MoFA attestation in UAE, your application has to go through various stages. First, your documents are delivered to the Human Resource Department (HRD), where they consult with the relevant educational organisation and confirm the legitimacy of the documents. Then the approved documents are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) where they verify the documents and attest them. Once this step is completed, you can submit your documents to MoFAIC in UAE for MoFA Attestation. 

How Many Days Does It Take to Get MoFA Attestation?

There are a number of factors that can affect the time required to get your documents attested by UAE MoFA. Different types of documents and their purpose can take different time duration. Also, the time required can be impacted by various other things. Generally, it can take around 8-10 working days to get UAE or Dubai MoFa attestation, if all the initial attestations are done (HRD/MEA). In total, the process to get a ministry of foreign affairs Dubai certificate attestation can take anywhere between 15 days to a month or more to complete. 

How to Get UAE Embassy Attestation in India?

The process to get MoFA UAE Attestation in India is not as hard as people may think. Although it’s a long process, many people can get confused about what to do. There are two ways to do this:

The Long Way

The first way is to do all the steps mentioned above on your own. This includes attesting your documents from t he Human Resource Department (HRD) and then taking the attested documents to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) for further attestation. Then later, these documents will be forwarded to UAE MoFA. This way can be tiring as you have to go through all the steps yourself, and failing to submit any required document or errors can fail the process and start it all over again. 

The Stress-free Way

The easiest and most convenient way to get UAE Embassy Attestation in India is to do this with the help of an agency like ours! You just have to send your documents to us and we will attest them from HRD, and MEA, and get UAE MoFA attestation for you. This will let you live stress-free as you don’t have to reach out to each department by yourself and spend time worrying about the process. 

Steps to Get MoFA UAE Attestation

When you’ve decided to go stress-free, here’s what the simple process of getting UAE MoFa Attestation looks like. 

  1. You submit us the applicable/required documents. (We do provide pick-up and drop services, so you don’t have to leave your home!) 
  2. We check the documents and verify that all required documents are sent by you. 
  3. We send these documents to the state’s Human Resource Department (HRD). HRD gets in touch with the relevant educational institution to confirm the validity of submitted documents. 
  4. Once your degree or document has been verified, the HRD authenticates a copy of it and submits it, together with the original certificate, to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The MEA confirms the authenticity of the certificate once more and does a few additional checks. 
  5. Once validated by MEA, your documents are delivered to the UAE Embassy in India.
  6. Then after the documents are delivered to the UAE MoFA for attestation. MoFAIC then begins with its attestation process.  

So are you ready to start your UAE MoFA Attestation process? Contact Us to get your documents attested by UAE MoFA now! If you have any queries, you can call us at +91-9925867908 or write to us at [email protected] and our experienced team will get back to you Excellent Apostille Services (EAS) is a reputable company in India that has been offering apostille and embassy legalisation and attestation services throughout the nation for the past 15 years. To date, we have provided services to more than 18,700 consumers. Getting UAE MoFA Attestation should not be a big task, and we are here to make it easy for you!

Get in touch with us for a smooth and quick UAE MoFA Attestation process. 

Frequently Asked Questions About UAE MoFA Attestation 

1) What is UAE attestation?

UAE attestation is a process of legalizing or confirming the authenticity of a document for use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It involves obtaining seals and signatures from relevant authorities in the UAE and the country of origin of the document.

2) What is MoFA attestation in UAE?

MoFA attestation in the UAE refers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) attestation, which is a process of verifying the authenticity of a document for its use in the UAE. The MoFA is responsible for verifying and legalizing documents that will be used outside the UAE

3) Why MoFA attestation is required in UAE?

The purpose of UAE attestation is to verify that the document is genuine and has not been altered in any way. This process is often required for documents such as educational certificates, marriage certificates, and commercial documents that are intended to be used in the UAE. 

4) What is MoFAIC? 

MoFAIC stands for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a government department responsible for managing the UAE's foreign affairs, promoting its interests abroad, and developing and maintaining international relations. It also overlooks the Attestation process. 

5) How to get MoFA UAE attestation in India?

To get MoFa attestation, you just have to send us the required documents and we’ll get them attested for you. Contact us at +91- 9925867908 or write to us at [email protected] to get started. 

6) How much time to get MoFa UAE Attestation? 

The whole process to get UAE embassy attestation in India can take 12- 15 days to complete and is dependent on a lot of factors. 

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