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What is Kuwait Embassy attestation?

Kuwait Embassy/consulate Attestation services

Kuwait Embassy/consulate Attestation services


Kuwait is an alluring nation for people worldwide. Fun fact – Kuwaitis are a minority in their country, as expatriates make up approximately 70% of their total population as of October 2022. Now, who here wants to know a fun fact within a fun fact? EVERYBODY! So here it goes – Indians constitute the most significant chunk of Kuwait’s population, i.e. approximately 18%! Most Indians are making the short trip to the Middle East hail from Southern states such as Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Foreigners flock from every continent to reside, earn a living or set up new businesses in this Persian Gulf state. Egyptians are the second largest expat community – after Indians – living in the Gulf country. Anyhoo, before visiting Kuwait, document attestation is a must. Period. So let’s review the mandatory procedure together.

So what is document attestation? Well, it’s essentially a screening of the applicant beforehand. Kuwait’s authorities would have their eyes and ears raised before letting a foreigner into their land. What if someone is a drug trafficker? Even worse – what if someone is a human trafficker? Said someone could also be a terrorist? In any case, their citizens would be at risk. Of course, no one wants a red alert situation to arise on their watch. Thus, to prevent such scenarios from taking place, the officials run a thorough background check on every applicant to put out fires before they arise.

The authenticity of the applicant and their documents are verified during this process. The attestation of educational certificates for Kuwait can be quite a lengthy process, thus making it beneficial to outsource all the hassle to seasoned professionals instead. Legalisation service providers are seasoned professionals who know the procedure’s ins and outs.

Obtaining an attestation stamp from the Embassy of Kuwait or the consulate is the legal procedure to provide proof of document verification. Kuwait Embassy attestation is the verification of documents that are prerequisites to operating any business in Kuwait or obtaining a visa. It is essential as it will sanction you as a permitted individual in the country. The applicant must contact the material checked by government bodies to get said documents attested. Only authorised persons are allowed to authenticate the documents.

Certificate attestation for a Kuwait visa facilitates various reasons like work visa, student visa, residential visa or for marketing aspects. It is a confirmation that you are a genuine person/company visiting Kuwait with no ill intentions or ulterior motives. It proves that your certificates are authentic, and you can finally be trusted and allowed to enter their land.

Document attestation for Kuwait comprises a mix of personal, educational, and commercial documents. It is the security division that assures the Kuwaiti government of your trustworthiness. Also, doing so shall build trust between the employer and employee or two businessmen when you travel for work or business.

Decentralised on January 1st, 2019, by the Ministry of External Affairs to the local RPOs and Branch Secretariats, Kuwait attestation is now an indirect procedure carried out by different authoritative bodies of the government. It comprises attestation from the notary, State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department, Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) at times, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and, of course, the Embassy.

The complete procedure in its chronological order is as follows:

1. Regional Level:

It’s the rudimentary level of the certificate verification process. This verification stage can be done by the notary or University that issues the documents, as per the requirement or from the Chamber of Commerce in cases involving commercial documents.

2. State Government:

Three different organisations carry out the authentication of documents from the state as per the requirement of the document type. These organisations are the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM). Despite the SDM being independent of the state government, the verification performed by this authority is generally considered on the state level.

3. MEA Stamp:

The Ministry of External Affairs, commonly known as MEA, is the last and final level of authentication from the home government, after which an MEA stamp is applied to the documents. MEA is the central organisation that deals with the country’s foreign matters.

4. Kuwait Embassy Attestation:

So that you know – the officials of the concerned country do this procedure for the documents being attested. After getting the all-clear from the Ministry of External Affairs, the Embassy is usually the last step of the certification process for most nations.

5. Kuwait MoFA Attestation:

Next in line is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also known as MOFA. It is the department that handles the foreign affairs for Gulf countries, one of which is Kuwait of course. Getting your certificates attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait is compulsory if you intend to move there. This final step aims to prove your authenticity to the Kuwaiti government.

Now we know what attestation means. We’ve also learned everything you need to get right to receive the green light to get aboard a Kuwait-headed flight. What a great rhyme that was!

Kuwait Attestation Procedure for Degree Certificate
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