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Why Attestation Of Documents And Certificates By The Embassy Is A Must?

certificate attestation

Attestation is the process of scrutinizing the authenticity of a document by the corroboration of every detail featured on it and imprinting proof of its authenticity with a stamp and sign of verifying personnel on it.

It is obligatory to legalize a document to the needed level so that it could be accepted readily in any foreign country. The MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is the government authority for attesting public documents in India.

Kinds of attestation

  • State attestation: Firstly, all documents need to be attested by authorities of the issuing state. Department of HRD (Human Resource Development), Chamber of Commerce and Home department are the state authorities responsible for attesting commercial, personal and educational documents.
  • MEA attestation: The MEA is the highest body for attesting documents in India. It authenticates documents after state attestation.
  • Embassy attestation: This comprises the final step of attestation. After an embassy validates your documents, they will be valid in that particular country.

Why is attestation needed?

Attestation is required when applying for any visa category, such as residence visa, employment visa, business visa, student visa, etc., in any foreign country. For instance, in case you are planning to travel to the UAE to seek employment, then for getting a work visa, you need to get your personal and educational documents attested by the UAE consulate in India.

Without attestation of documents and certificates, these will not be held legally, and your visa will not be processed. Hence, attestation is needed to overcome any such hassles. For instance, attestation of your documents is required when you wish to study abroad in a foreign university or work for a foreign country job. It is likely that your visa will be rejected without proper attestation of your documents. Hence, for proving the authenticity of your documents overseas, you will need to attest your documents.

Embassy attestation

This implies getting a stamp from the embassy. It is the legal process to verify the authenticity of a company or a person. This process is carried out after attestation by the MEA. The documents reach the embassy after being stamped by the MEA and by state authorities.

The primary requirement for this is to authenticate the necessary documents with a stamp from the embassy. Attestation proves the credibility of documents legally and for gaining admissibility in the foreign country. The importance of this procedure is to ensure the legitimacy of the person or the company and their good intention in seeking a student visa, residence visa, or employment visa. The procedure will be carried out by only recognized officials.

An embassy is a governmental organization that is based in a country but is not part of the native government. It is responsible for maintaining connections between two nations by handling certain affairs, visas, taxes, and other legal issues. Officials employed at the embassy are typically not natives but citizens of the country to which the embassy belongs.

Embassy authentication needs and services differ from country to country. Certificate and document attestation are sensitive procedures with no room for errors and preferably conducted by experts. The process begins at the level of the notary and undergoes many re-verifications at various levels of authorities before reaching the embassy.

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