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Why do you need to have your documents attested before you obtain a visa?

Document Attestation

Irrespective of your requirements, verification of documents is becoming the norm. Document verification is becoming increasingly important whether you want to admit your child to a school or want to go abroad for further studies. Attesting your documents becomes all the more important when you want to move abroad. Whether you want to go abroad permanently, for education, or commercial reasons, you need to attest your documents. 

You must understand that every year lakhs and lakhs of people are travelling across the border. How will a country ascertain that the person roaming around is a legit one? This is why document attestation is very important. Attestation means that your documents have been verified and were found to be genuine. It is a certificate proving the same. 

Your visa would be rejected

There is a simple logic behind this. Will you allow anyone to enter your house without knowing about them? No, right! You would not take the risk because that individual can harm your family. Similarly, officials from a country cannot allow foreigners to visit their country without verifying all the documents. These officials will be held responsible if something notorious happens in the future. This is why document attestation is mandatory to obtain your visa. If at any stage, the officials find out that there is a lack of proof or the documents may be forged, your visa would be rejected. And if this happens, no one, not even the President of India, can help you travel to that country for at least a couple of years. 

This whole process of attestation is very complicated. There is lots of paperwork to be done. It can take a lot of time. This is why you need professional help. It is better to delegate this work to a third party who has lots of experience. This way you can save a lot of time and money. You should look around and find the best service provider. Remember that this is a costly process. Many attestation service providers would loot you. You should select the one you can trust on. 

The need for verification
When your documents have been attested, it is proof that there is no problem with the documents; they are authenticated. All your documents are educational documents like degree certificates, personal documents like affidavit, birth certificate, death certificate, commercial documents, balance sheets, etc. All these documents need to be attested. Different types of documents have different attestation processes. Some are attested by the HRD, some by a notary, and others by MEA. You should find out where you need to go as per your documents. 

The process may look fairly simple. You would say that why can’t anyone do it? Your question is quite reasonable. However, the thing is that you need your documents to be attested by a certified professional. You cannot go to any gazette officer and ask them to attest your documents. Contact us for more information

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