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Why has the demand for degree attestation for Oman increased?

Why has the demand for degree attestation for Oman increased?

More and more people are choosing to travel to Oman for business and employment purposes. Policies of privatisation and liberalisation have made Oman a global centre for commerce, and obtaining a visa for Oman has become much easier than before. As a result, the document legalisation process has seen a sudden rise in applicants.

Authentication of a degree certificate is one of the most important requirements to consider if you plan to visit or do business in Oman shortly. It is significant since it will define and demonstrate your legitimacy. Oman certificate attestation firms provide this type of certification, which provide prompt and legitimate services.


Attestation of Degree Certificates is the process of witnessing a Degree certificate with their official seal and signature by allowed person/individuals / Departments/authorities. This Attestation also verifies that the indicated department issued the stated degree certificate and that the seal and signature are genuine.

The Attestation of an Indian degree certificate can be done in the country where the certificate was granted. For use in India, the degree certificate must be attested by the competent HRD/MEA and the embassy of the destination to which the certification bearer intends to go.


The Attestation of a degree certificate is one of the most important legalisation steps, and it involves obtaining an attestation stamp from the Oman Embassy. It must be performed first in the country that provided the certificate, which is India. It’d be necessary for all educational records. Verifying the degree-related documentation helps acquire a visa for a chosen professional position. It also aids in the acquisition of a family visa. If one wants to pursue study in another nation, this is also required by educational institutions. This approved paperwork is also needed by the firm providing the work.


Degree attestation is a process that involves two mainstages. If individual wishes to get an Attestation for Oman, they first need toget the documents legalised in India through the Ministry of External Affairs.
These are the essential documents one needs to get theireducational certification done in the home country:
Documents needed for Degree Certificate attestation in India

> Original Certificate
> Passport copy
> Authorisation letter
> two photographs

Original certificates, passport copies, degree copies, visa copies, HSC certificates (original), and SSC certificates are all required to apply for a degree attestation (original). To obtain a family visa in the Gulf, one must have a degree and a marriage certificate attestation. Meanwhile, an Attestation of a degree certificate is required to get an appropriate Trade Visa from the Labor Departments of the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, among others.


The process of Attestation for educational documents is not simple. It begins with a notary attestation and ends with an embassy/consulate attestation. Before the final Attestation, a few stages must be completed. The following is the detailed procedure for attestation in India.

The first step in the document authentication procedure consists of the regional level. Depending on the requirements, this level of authentication might be performed by the notary, the university from where the documents were issued, or the Chamber of Commerce in the case of commercial documents.

The authentication of state certificates is handled by three distinct departments, according to the document type’s requirements. This is dealt with by the state HRD ministry or the SDM.

The Ministry of External Affairs, or MEA, is the final level of validation from the home government, after which the document is stamped with an MEA stamp. MEA is the government’s central department in the country’s foreign affairs.

Attestation from the embassy is then carried out by officials from the country in which the credentials are being testified. For most countries, it is the final stage of certification after the Ministry of External Affairs, including Oman.

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